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Starting with the good. The connection with the account is very reliable, that's a big plus. There is a constant addition of signal providers, which is also good. Some signal providers are very good, and I would consider SignalStart one of the best places available to find these. Now to the bad stuff. The platform is way too old tech. Parameter options are quite poor compared to some competing platforms. There are outages when needing to change parameters, especially on weekends. For some reason, the related signal providers are not displayed in the table format of the follower's account analysis, even though there are some time consuming manual workaround to this. Customer support does reply within 24hr, but c'mon email only? Like with many other platforms, some signal providers are either utter crap or simply risk-nut-crazy to a point if the staff did a bit more homework they would dismiss some of them systematically even for the more risk-hungry followers. Having said all that, this is my favorite platform and I will continue using it. I hope the company will apply some of the much needed improvements without raising the cost to the subscribers. I believe this platform is still considered 'affordable' when you consider its potential, but if cost rises I believe they will see their customer base diminish quickly.
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I've read almost this entire topic. Although it is full of positive review-spam, which is pretty much ridiculous, I did subscribe for a signal, one way below in de rankings, not too fantastic results and one with moderate risk, always 0.1 lot size. I manually check each signals trading history and check ther lot sizes. Some show goof performance while trading 0.1 lots but some occasionally go up as high as 50 lots so they are obiously revenge traging or doing some kind of Martingale.

There is a lot to be improved on the site as far as the filtering goes and ways to communicate with a signal provider. It has massive potential!
There can be only one
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Been providing a signal for a couple months now. Connection is really good. Only a couple things I would change:
1. Way to communicate with clients.
2. Rating system explanation (I'm ranked pretty low for what i feel are pretty good stats compared to some I've seen)
3. Sometime in the past, support took a bit longer than i would have liked.

Otherwise great platform! Keep it up!
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Muy Interesante el sistema. estoy siguiendo unas señales ganadoras hasta ahora. Muchas gracias. Sigan mejorando.
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A great service, so easy to use and effective in its grading algorithm
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Lo uso da poco ma devo dire che è un ottimo servizio, continuate così!!!
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Thanks so much! Awesome service
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Excellent plateform, good dashboard
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After hour scalp very safe and profitable!
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Great system, doing good so far for a start
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very good service and information to see the trading result of each trader
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Very nice service. Fast and good
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We are provide signal at signalstart we are very satisfied also support from signalstart is very helpful, with very fast answers if you have problems.

Signalstart thanks and keep it up.
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