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Signal Start Review Scores

Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 901
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Signal Start Discussion

Apr 29 2017 at 06:53
34 posts
@Brendan777 As usual you give good advices, but they are useless without concrete examples with real signals. So if you don't want to help us to find your magic two signals in the offering of Signal Start that at the moment are satisfing your criterias and give together 15-20% return monthly....stop talking, stop your bla bla, shut off and go to troll in an another place.

Apr 29 2017 at 06:55
34 posts
AlexLondon posted:
Well, I am 40% down on this one. Not the best signal provider...

Apr 30 2017 at 06:44
4 posts
there is no better website to copy signals than SIGNALSTART. i can highly recommend this service

Apr 30 2017 at 07:15
1 posts
The platform is excellent, however requires lots of improvement when you use the platform iOS app. Very user friendly in general.

I guess the pricing structure requires to be revisited, specially Forex market is very high risk investment.

Brendan777 (Brendan777)
Apr 30 2017 at 07:20
101 posts
@jeanluc You should do your own research instead of begging for signals, if you're too lazy to do that, I'm not surprised you haven't been successful in using them. Last time I've checked, this is also a public place and you're not the owner.

Ivanobis (Ivanobis)
May 01 2017 at 06:44
2 posts
la señal solo a producido perdidas y la plataforma no se en que me beneficia para seguir pagando

May 01 2017 at 08:47
34 posts
Ivanobis posted:
la señal solo a producido perdidas y la plataforma no se en que me beneficia para seguir pagando

'The signals only produced losses and the platform is not that it benefits me to continue paying'

I agree: very bad signals, lack of information and communication, no cutomer support, expensive services. There is no one reason to use Signal Start.

AutoTrade, that is its old brother and always run by Myfxbook, is much better: serious signal providers, better information and the costs are indirect so if the signal works well you pay almost nothing. In this way, the signal providers in AutoTrade are more motivated to work well because they earn only from their trades and from their results. There are not costs to connect your account to the service and to subscribe signals. All another world.

Stay away from Signal Start: it offers only high costs for bad services and it gives big losses on the subscribers' accounts.

May 01 2017 at 11:09
3 posts
Saying such bad things about signalstart jeanluc, will cause your posts to be censored!

May 02 2017 at 09:14
1 posts
May 03 2017 at 06:30
2 posts
Best platform. Find good signals here and connect my accounts.

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