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iwishost Review Scores

Overall score: 3.0 / 5

Total votes: 41
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iwishost Discussion

5 posts
Very poor and every 10 minutes the Internet is interrupted
31 posts
i saw your website and decided to do an online review and so far i can say that you guys should keep it up though from peoples opinion, shows you guys need more work on your customer care service.

Also your live chat is always down which is a red flag and add SKRILL as a payment option.

i will test your service.
Tomorrow is far away but yesterday is so close.
2 posts
This customer's vps was suspended due to non payment and he paid his invoice after 3 days of his renewal date, after payment vps was auto un-suspended but still he started abusing instead of checking his side and posted incomplete ticket and removed his part

Regarding support response he said 'urgent ticket is not supported for hours' but fact is he created 2 tickets for same request to activate his vps when vps was already auto activated after his payment and we already replied his tickets whiten 5-10 minutes but still he posted wrong and incomplete information and trying to misguide all new users.


Trading Harmony
2 posts
Support is unfriendly and does NOT do his job, urgent ticket is not supported for hours, server configuration is wrong so that terminals don't start automatically, but server is started without request so that terminals were shut down and not restarted (because of wrong configuration in MSCONFIG). There was no notification about that so it could have caused immense damage to the trading account.

There are no instructions what I have to do when the support does not do it or is not able to.

Invoice after cancellation was also wrong (paypal fee left) and had to be cancelled.

1 posts
i am very happy with their vps are very stable and i never had single restart or downtime

good customer care and always quick response from support

highly recommended!!
1 posts
I've been using for the past 5 years and i am very happy with their service. They offer very reliable vps at a fair price!!!

anyone can get their Forex VPS at a special price of only $13/month with promo code MAR1710

getting low latency and never get any downtime.

Keep it up!

2 posts
I have been using for last 2 years and all i can say that their service is best i have seen
There are lots of vps providers but these guys are simply the best No problems so far using their vps, fast execution and getting 100% uptime with no interruptions.
I Highly recommended!!
1 posts
Iwishost provides a very good service and the help desk is quickly and friendly.
2 posts
yes, there must be some error
i saw they are still offering UK and US location
4 posts
there is some error in the site,
try to contact them in the chat, I have the server in uk.
Sawadee Kap from THAILAND
5 posts
They no longer are offering UK servers - all are in the USA.
4 posts
i use iwishost from one year, and for me work fine,
i get some issue, but support solved quickly also on week-end.
thanks and regards
Sawadee Kap from THAILAND
2 posts provides a good service at a reasonable price, since last 6 months i am enjoying forex vps with them and never have any problems so i highly recommend 😄
2 posts
I would also like to add that I never experienced a single shut down on my Iwishost VPS.
2 posts
If I had given my ears that some of the bad reviews about them I would have missed the best. Very fast and profitable! And I can't believe that they went on to add some payment gateways immediately at my request. I will stick to them because their VPS is the best I ever used and they are very friendly.
8 posts
Cheap and good 😄
47 posts
im using iwis VPs almost a year now. so far so good. i run 3 MT4 on it without problem
reitred at 40... and i just did
2 posts
Mr.Brijesh was using our service from 22/09/2012 and only 2 times he complained for connection problem and only once there was issue with his vps

on 29/12/2012 he sent below email to support

what the fucking service is this?

i m using vps for forex trading. U guys r really cheap and fucking.
u dont think that it may be risky?

i will write bad review about u everywhere and every forum.

is it correct way ?

as per our terms we have suspended his vps but never refuse to provide his data but in next few minutes he started posting on forums

Note: we don't want to argue but just to inform truth
3 posts
Have been two months they customer everything fine, ordering one server more.
Quick response time from support.
Hope they will also locate servers amsterdam.
2 posts
El servicio de atención al cliente funciona bien, contestan rápido pero como proveedor de VPS, al menos el básico es bastante lento creo que hay otros antes que este.
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