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Общий результат: 3.7 / 5

Всего голосов: 380
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RoboForex Обсуждение

May 20 at 17:50
1 комментариев
The best broker for me. Awesome customer service, cent accounts with fair spreads, friendly user platform for creating accounts. You can also create several demo accounts for testing your systems.

May 13 at 09:23
1 комментариев
May 12 at 08:22
6 комментариев
I am very satisfied with Roboforex. I have already tested several brokers (15 years of trading experience). Either the bad customer support, the high fees (very important for me as a scalper), or the unstable or lame servers annoyed me.

Now I have been with Roboforex for more than 3 years and I am very satisfied. Why? I would like to briefly explain this to you:

What speaks for Roboforex:

+ Low fees (As an example: Dax (0.5 point fees, no matter what time)
+ Fast support
+ Various deposit and withdrawal options
+ Fast payout
+ Easily switch between account types within the account or create new ones
+ Fast and stable trading servers
+ Lever freely selectable

What I would improve:

- The social trading platform could be improved (e.g. offer more communication options between users). Other platforms do that much better

Overall, I can really recommend Roboforex for CFD trading to anyone with a clear conscience.

Harry (ws_harry)
May 06 at 19:48
1 комментариев
Minerworker (Minerworker)
Apr 21 at 09:00
1 комментариев
Apr 17 at 17:25
1 комментариев
Gerardo Mogollon (drbitcoinve)
Apr 14 at 20:29
2 комментариев
I trade with roboforex. I like that I have my collateral in crypto. Nice mix of instrument. I use MT5 platform. Have been using roboforex for the last 4 years with good experience in general.

Tonibest (lordsaboteur)
Apr 07 at 12:12
6 комментариев
Great Broker. !!!
Before 5 days i win 1000 $ (lotery all the year) direct in my account.
Spreads there is no problem. Only high when the market close in NY to next day and for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Fast execution.
Realy fast withdraw in seconds. I use ADVCash and i order and prepaid visa long time before.
There is no freeze in the MT4 (please check your internet or your pc or your MT4 in high history chart).
Many accounts and cent, high leverage.
Thank you Roboforex keep in good job.

Gabor Deli (gabordeli)
Feb 25 at 19:51
2 комментариев
I love my broker because of these:- low spreads- acceptable commissions- fast execution time.

Feb 24 at 03:35
1 комментариев
ia ti (Sraka)
Feb 07 at 13:30
1 комментариев
на других брокерах не торговал еще, но на робофорекс уже торговал на центовом реальном счете и мне понравилось. вывод пришел менее 3х минут на карту! молодцы!

ем свечки по утрам)))
Hamed (Hamed_bafet6)
Jan 10 at 08:45
1 комментариев
Overall a good broker but has a high spread

Financial markets are a place to transfer money from the hurried to the patient, so wait, this whole market is psychological.
Dec 16 2021 at 14:46
1 комментариев
Es muy buen broker

La mente es igual que un paracaídas, solo funciona si se abre. Albert Einstein
Elena Vlasik (ElenVlasik77)
Dec 13 2021 at 16:25
5 комментариев
Хорошая техподдержка и сопровождение, широкий выбор инструментов, но спреды - атомные

Trend is your friend, but discipline is your mainstay
Augusto Cesar (AugustoRossi)
Dec 02 2021 at 23:44
1 комментариев
Valeri (sohatyj)
Dec 02 2021 at 12:48
6 комментариев
Great broker!

Бороться и искать, найти и перепрятать!
Dec 01 2021 at 16:44
16 комментариев
The broker closed my trades when the price started spinning in my direction and he left me with $ 0 in the account! I have proof of everything - I'm now starting a world war to get my stolen money back

If they admit they will apologize and return the money I will update and change my rating. In the meantime, they threaten to block the chat with them


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