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Forex Contest FX Choice

Staff (Staff)
Mar 02 2015 at 08:37
1389 príspevkov
This topic is for discussing the Forex Contest FX Choice.

240Z (240Z)
Mar 03 2015 at 00:51
50 príspevkov
here is hoping the rules of this FX Choice Contest will be set out more clearly from the start. good luck to all contestants. may all your trades be in the green.

“Everybody should have a dream. What if that dream comes true?” – Jack Ma
Mar 03 2015 at 07:33
5 príspevkov
Is this contest open to US Citz?

batak (batak)
Mar 03 2015 at 07:33
132 príspevkov
Mar 03 2015 at 07:44
3 príspevkov
Enlighten something:
 Do you allow only manual operations?
 Banning all types of EAs?

Mar 03 2015 at 07:45
4 príspevkov
Good luck to all contestants 😇

Mar 03 2015 at 07:46
2 príspevkov
Hi, Can I use EA made by me? Use of experts advisor is allowed? I read that we cannot use commercial robot.

cashforexrobot (cashforexrobot)
Mar 03 2015 at 07:48
13 príspevkov
'The use of commercial robot is prohibited'
commercial means a robot that you can buy on the market?
or it means all kind of robots?

Mar 03 2015 at 07:53
209 príspevkov
To prevent 'gambler Trader(s)' who open large lot size trades and luck-that-through-with-a-large-wining-position, I would suggest a limit size on lot trades (perhaps 10.0 lot size) and maximum 5 open trades at any one time.
With these two additional T&C in place, that will give new traders a chance in the competition.

I have checked out this broker and, though I am not too keen on a broker headquarter & regulated in Belize City, Belize, I will try out their trading platform in this competition and see what happens from there.

Also I have checked reviews on couple forums and see that a representative, Anthony K, from FXChoice is very active to resolving complaints from their clients....and that suggest to me that this broker is active in building up their reputation. Impressive! 😀

Mar 03 2015 at 07:54
2 príspevkov
May I clarify the rule in the contest which says 'The use of commercial robot is prohibited.' Does this mean we can not use Expert Advisors of any kind or only those being sold in the market? Thanks and good luck to all.

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