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USDMarc (USDMarc)
Aug 21 2015 at 09:07
3 príspevkov
EURUSD moving south again...

Aug 21 2015 at 13:40
675 príspevkov
The euro recorded another winning session against the dollar on Thursday. The single currency met the positive expectations and as a result broke the resistance at 1.1214. Short-term indicators remain in favor of the euro. So the couple likely will test the second key level at 1.1271. Trade on Thursday launched at 1.1118 and bullish sentiment prevailed throughout. The top of the day was reached at 1.1244 shortly before the end of the session. Finish line was marked with only 4 pips below.

Aug 21 2015 at 18:22
413 príspevkov
The EUR/USD rose up and another 100 pip for today but the resistance level at 1.1377 rejected the pair's momentum . Happy weekend for you all and Vacation for me ;)

Aug 21 2015 at 19:27
454 príspevkov
EUR/USD in a bullish trend for the third day breaking above july's highest price and broke the psychological Resistance 1.1300 in the same day. This was not expected.

Aug 22 2015 at 13:31
224 príspevkov
Aug 22 2015 at 16:02
1117 príspevkov
Next week EUR/USD will probably reach the previous high at 1.1436 but the question is whether it will rise any higher than that.

Aug 22 2015 at 22:43
834 príspevkov
Now we are looking for next resistance is 1.1410 and finally my target 1.1436.

USDMarc (USDMarc)
Aug 23 2015 at 06:21
3 príspevkov
yes, I had 1,1421 as my forecast for next residenz we will reach. Follow the trend monday morning ....

Aug 23 2015 at 06:23
224 príspevkov
Let us not be too optimistic, nothing can be sure in fx: usually more obvious scenarios are the less probable ones !

Aug 23 2015 at 19:20
136 príspevkov
EURUSD / weekly chart

As I have posted on August 20. the second-time-around on the daily chart was an excellent entry and so far approx. 170 pips plus.

The weekly chart currently shows the same type of entry, as I have outlined in my last posting (with exact pricing to enter a trade)
This entry-price is also a major buy-stop entry on the monthly chart, as well as on the Q-chart, to trade to near the GAP at 1.2000.

Keep in mind, a good trade can last 5 to 10 bars

I also described the current congestion on the weekly chart, and that we do not trade bars 11 through 16.
Nr. 17 is the first bar we trade in any congestion in any time-frame.
Last week was Nr. 17 on the weekly chart.

One should never enter a trade without a SL attached to it.
The TP should remain at the assumed exit (in this case near the GAP), and the trade should be managed by moving the SL in sections.
Often this is a much better way to achieve big profits.

If anyone is interested, I can explain with a picture as to how SL management in sections works.

"a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing"
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