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Some advices to the investors

Leo Wang (wanglei3455)
Nov 17 2016 at 07:37
7 príspevkov
I would like to share some advices to the copy investors here to help them choose a good profitable trader:

1. The growth should not be jumped up in the early months, only small trades with small profits later. Although these accounts have a big profit with very low drawdown,but probably the jump up in the early months was the result of Hedging by using multiple accounts.
2. Don't choose the traders that using Martingale or grid strategy without Hard SL.
3. The average profit pips per trade should be bigger than 5, because a little slipage and delay could cause a big loss when using this kind of scalper strategy.
4. Don't choose the traders that often use the Stop and Limit orders with trailing stop, because the broker's platform could be different from each other, the slippage could eat your profit.
5. Don't choose the inactive traders, the total trades per month is better bigger than 10.
6. Choose the real account with at least one year record, max drawdown below 20%, profit bigger than 50%.
7. At the beginning, always use small investment to test, invest big after you totally realize the strategy, max drawdown, trade duration time, profit factor.

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