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Bonus and Brokers

Jul 17 2020 at 07:42
83 príspevkov
tickmill. $30 free cash when you are a new customer to trade.all profits can be withdrawn.i used it years ago with news ea.i have withdrawn cash before it takes hours;no problems.they now offer rebates on trades as well.not as good as paybackfx.

Jul 19 2020 at 09:19
25 príspevkov
I have noticed that there are quite a number of brokers that claim to offer bonuses to traders but I have never been sure of this because I do not trust such brokers. Form what I know, bonuses are a way of attracting people to them. If you get a good broker then you can enjoy the bonus but you cannot withdraw it.

Jul 20 2020 at 09:58
37 príspevkov
I agree with Andromaris, providing bonus is mainly a way used by shady brokers to lure traders in. Coupled with leverage, more often than not traders will end up burning their account.

Properly regulated brokers like FP Markets or dukascopy do not really offer bonus. Traders should stick to brokers like these.

Jul 22 2020 at 08:00
28 príspevkov
I'm with Dwane47 on this, Do not trade with broker that provides a Bonus because most broker do it for advertisement and lure in traders.

Its better to choose properly regulated brokers like FP Markets and duckascopy.

Jul 22 2020 at 09:27
41 príspevkov
Before choosing a bonus with a broker, we all must see what are there terms and conditions are as the bonus is good for trading. If you are opting for a bonus, must check what you can get out of that bonus, what amount of leverage we get with that bonus, does it increase our marginal capacity, is it tradable or not and what is the effect of the bonus on your deposit. Must take care of these things before opting for bonus.

Jul 24 2020 at 10:33
148 príspevkov
actually bonus practically cant be used due to having so many restrictions ,
 its a very common problem i have seen in Fx trading.

Jul 24 2020 at 10:46
886 príspevkov
most of the new Forex trader first of all looking for a large amount of welcome bonus when choosing a broker , its a wrong decision , because i have seen due to restrictions these kind of bonuses cant be used at all.

Jul 24 2020 at 20:01
718 príspevkov
bonus is good , but its not a big deal , newcomers always think bonus can play a major role in trading life , but it practical situation totally different , this kind of bonus not works really.

Aug 04 2020 at 11:50
36 príspevkov
I trade with FP Markets, they offer no Bonus, but spreads and commission cost are lower when compared with other similar brokers.

I trade with brokers that do not offer bonuses because its just a marketing trick to lure in traders and scam them, which is why i trade with FP Markets.

Aug 05 2020 at 11:43
3 príspevkov
As far as I know that bonuses from brokers are needed in order to just lure people to them.

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