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Dec 29 2020 at 15:02
278 príspevkov
Both money management and trading psychology are key to success in forex trading. A person will fail with a good strategy if he/she ignores the importance of money management and trading psychology. It has been said that trading is 90% psychological. And it's true.

Dec 29 2020 at 17:21
259 príspevkov
Trading is a mind game. So, it is better to trade with clear mind.

Jan 20 at 04:25
17 príspevkov
I agree with you. Money management is quite necessary for every trader and they should focus on it. Managing risk is also important.

Jan 25 at 05:25
69 príspevkov
Money management with a good strategy plan does wonders in trading. They lower the risks of losses and help in making money for the long term.

Jan 25 at 10:08
49 príspevkov
I completely agree with you, because when we are able to manage our capital, we are able to manage our risks.

Jan 25 at 18:23
28 príspevkov
I agree with the idea that all problems are in the head. If you can't handle something, it means you're not really committed to it - that's a 100% fact.

Jan 25 at 19:00
2 príspevkov
The main thing is to take your time.
And check out the strategies that bring you money, and the approaches that give you confidence.

Jan 26 at 20:34
164 príspevkov
Risk management too.

Feb 23 at 08:27
74 príspevkov
momo3HC posted:
Risk management too.

Was looking for this one. Yes, Risk management is very important to minimize the losses and increasin the risk reward output

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