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Gambling type of forex games? Is that true?

OneForexSignal (one_forex_signal)
Jan 14 at 22:07
6 príspevkov
Forex could be a gambling game for those who participate only to feel the adrenaline rush generated by the uncertainty of the result. Participating in forex with a mindset of expecting long-term results can be a good starting point for viewing forex trading as serious business.

Feb 08 at 05:05
15 príspevkov
Not at all a fan of binary options to be honest. No strategy can work there.

Feb 08 at 06:27
90 príspevkov
But for some, this option is very convenient and good, because they make a profit there.

Feb 08 at 12:25
35 príspevkov
Forex seems gambling only to those who want to become rich overnight. But the forex market is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It demands time and patience if looking for consistent profitable trades.

Feb 11 at 04:18
19 príspevkov
Not really a fan of binary options and I really don’t think gambling is in any way related to forx. They’re both different avenues.

Feb 11 at 05:21
102 príspevkov
Who learns, develops skills and puts hard work into gambling? I doubt there's anyone. Forex demands all of these and there's hardly any success in forex without them, so what's the point comparing the two.

Feb 11 at 08:11
65 príspevkov
Forex requires a lot of effort and work from us, and in gambling, the main thing is luck and luck.

Feb 23 at 11:46
82 príspevkov
Cordawield posted:
Forex requires a lot of effort and work from us, and in gambling, the main thing is luck and luck.

I agree with you, the Forex market is not at all gambling, it requires patience and sufficient knowledge to make consistent profits.

Mar 10 at 10:58
22 príspevkov
I don’t think they are that similar. And there is a lot that a person has to learn with forex.

Mar 10 at 12:33
298 príspevkov
Most traders look for 80 to 100% winning strategy. But this type of strategy doesn't exit. Don't do gambling. Even a small consistent percentage can bring you a fortune in trading. We should focus on consistency.

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