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How do you generate a report on your own

Jan 12 2010 at 17:40
6 príspevkov
I just joined myfxbook and have an account at fxcm micro, how do generate a report like the ones on this site. Is there any software to download or can we enter it manually?

  Thanks, H

Ethan (Staff)
Jan 12 2010 at 17:48
1393 príspevkov
Hello Helderfx.

Since the connection process is automated, there is no manual process to create the statement, and unfortunately, we do not yet support FXCM micro.

Jan 29 2010 at 12:53
1 príspevkov
so, isn't there any manual way to save our trade history with a .csv file or any upload/batch to manage our trade history on myfxbook.
I have more than 6 month of trade history Id like to view on my fxbook... Would have a solution this manual upload, or do we have to wait next upgrade of the website?

Nice idea anyway.



Ethan (Staff)
Jan 29 2010 at 13:52
1393 príspevkov
In which format is the data? If you saved it using the MetaTrader history's center, you can upload the file manually with any online ftp service (for example after creating an account in your settings area and receiving the login details.

Jan 29 at 10:12
17 príspevkov
I don’t think you’ll get this for manual. This is just automated and the connection might be too.

Mar 16 at 10:16
13 príspevkov
You will have to get in touch with the platform for this.

Mar 30 at 11:02
16 príspevkov
You might not get this with manual and your only option is automated for this one.

Oct 16 at 07:02
118 príspevkov
ethelaguilar posted:
You might not get this with manual and your only option is automated for this one.

But I think the manual is the best option.

Oct 16 at 08:02
161 príspevkov
I think it's pretty easy to do it everywhere.

Oct 17 at 09:48
283 príspevkov
you always need to be able to analyze your actions in order to understand what mistakes you made during work and not make them further

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