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Indicators are reliable but

Jan 12 at 12:33
298 príspevkov
Indicators are reliable. But the most important thing is how much you know about the indicators. More or less every indicator works. Everything depends on your skills and knowledge. The best indicator is the indicators that work for you. That's why learning trading needs time. You need to do a lot of experiment to find the suitable one for you.

Feb 04 at 09:54
17 príspevkov
Yes, in order to make use of some indicators, a trader should have the required knowledge about them and how to pair them with a particular strategy.

Mar 04 at 08:30
31 príspevkov
Yes, having the right knowledge about indicators can help a trader a lot. Pairing your indicators with an effective strategy can also make trading profitable.

Mar 04 at 14:00
661 príspevkov
Never use more than one indicator of the same types. Or else it will give you a confusing signal.

Mar 11 at 12:23
18 príspevkov
Whether you are using an indicator or not, your knowledge can play an important role. You can pair your trading strategy with a suitable indicator.

Mar 12 at 04:06
644 príspevkov
Indicator is a technical tool for analysis. However, it is not essential to use in analysis.

Mar 13 at 13:12
643 príspevkov
Ready made strategy doesn't help much in trading. We need personalized strategy to get success. Every person think differently. I can take someone's strategy but can't think like him. That's why it doesn't work.

Mar 13 at 18:29
330 príspevkov
Most people fail in trading because of their weak psychology. If psychiatry is weak, it is not possible to profit consistently. You have to trade according to the plan. Joining trading without a plan can lead to many problems.

Mar 13 at 18:45
26 príspevkov
In my opinion, EURUSD pair is the best for trading. This pair is traded by a maximum trader. This is why this pair is so popular.

Apr 03 at 03:42
12 príspevkov
Indicators can be really helpful if they are used properly. There are some indicators I like to use including MACD, moving average, etc.

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