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Luigi (c00l)
May 18 at 12:54
4 príspevkov
Akasuki posted:
People want to know how much one can make by trading. There's not any exact answer to the question how much one can make. It's a risky business so that you might also lose all the money. Your earning will depends upon how much abilities you've got. No skills No money.

Both are required. But forex always pays off, one way or another. And 'the good horse can be seen in the distance'.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
May 18 at 13:12
238 príspevkov
No doubt once needs money to start trading. But without theb learning skills it can all be waste

May 18 at 16:33
702 príspevkov
Having trading skills and money is very important. Because if I don't complete these two things, I can't survive in trading.

May 19 at 00:35
231 príspevkov
Money and skills both are necessary to trade. If you have no skills but have the money you can never be a successful trader. Always learn forex and develop skills to make good money in trading.

May 19 at 00:36
395 príspevkov
Sarjohn posted:
LukeRachel posted:
You need money to trade and you need skills to make a profit. So it is not possible to trade without any of them.

Yes, without money and skills forex trading is a waste of time.

Thank you so much for agreeing with me. It is impossible to survive in trading without money and skills.

Suradi (FXOday)
May 19 at 23:31
173 príspevkov
Yes, both have correlation, without money skill will useless because how to start trading need money as capital, but if have money still possible to make money although no skill trading, the one way s looking best account manager like as PAMM or copy trading, but the problem is how to find a profitable manager or leader copy trading.

May 20 at 17:40
330 príspevkov
Money and skills both are needed to make a good trading career in this market.

Sep 14 at 18:41
224 príspevkov
Tremblay posted:
Money and skills both are needed to make a good trading career in this market.

Yes. Both are important in this market to survive in this market.

Suradi (FXOday)
Sep 15 at 00:05
173 príspevkov
How to start trading as trader needs money as capital, they must deposit funds in account trading to start, and skill is very important to manage money in account trading, without good skill hence will so hard to making money in forex trading and this is need l0ong time experience in the learning process to become a profitable trader.

Sep 16 at 09:50
53 príspevkov
When it comes to forex trading, both money and skills are necessary. Without money, you cannot start trading in the forex market. As a matter of fact, you cannot trade anywhere if you don’t have capital money. And when talking about skills, you can’t perform trading effectively if you don’t have good skills in strategizing or trading as a whole.

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