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New traders love scalping

Dec 27 2020 at 02:22
298 príspevkov
It is never possible to be a successful trader by trading without gaining experience. Whether you do scalping or long time trading, you must gain trading experience.

Jan 19 at 08:58
21 príspevkov
Yes, scalping is great for short term profits but it is also a risky strategy. Most expert traders only make use of it.

Norman (azmanpay124)
Jan 19 at 12:28
20 príspevkov
Scalping is good but after hundred of trades, it can go wrong due to the law of large numbers.
And new traders often hold losing positions too long or too large.
They are willing to take 2-3 pips, but not willing to cut losses more than 10 pips and holds them till margin call.

Jan 19 at 12:39
147 príspevkov
I think scalping is good to earn small profits.

Jan 19 at 13:47
31 príspevkov
Beginners prefer scalping because they can trade with a short term period and use their strategy to win trades even though the profit is low; it is a better way to gain experience in live trades.

SCR Traders (Pikasso)
Jan 20 at 07:18
168 príspevkov
I am not a beginner, but I love scalping too )))

Trading system developers and strategy providers.
Jan 24 at 16:18
30 príspevkov
Beginners prefer scalping because it is one of the shortest ways to earn profit in trading and some beginners enter into trading for some quick cash where other beginners use scalping for a live trading experience.

Jan 26 at 20:49
207 príspevkov
UweMoench posted:
New traders love scalping as it gives quick profit. And this makes them addicted to trading. But I think starting with scalping is a bad idea. Everyone should start with higher timeframe. After some experience scalping can be done.

It`s even the worst idea. It can look simple but it`s absolutely not. The scalping must be the last think to do for newbies.

Jan 27 at 03:53
105 príspevkov
It’s true that new traders want to earn quick profits and hence, prefer scalping. But scalping is quite risky especially for new traders who are not well aware of how the market moves. Newbies should prefer day trading instead.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jan 27 at 04:15
238 príspevkov
ya and i believe thats good.. you book small profit or even if losses those small losses can be recovered. so it can be a good strategy

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