No alternative to learning

Oct 19, 2020 at 06:48
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Dec 02, 2020 at 17:51
deborahbennett posted:
Self study is the best way of learning to trade forex. There are no shortcuts that can help.
Searching for shortcut is waste of time. So, spend the time to learn and gain experience.
Členom od Jun 22, 2020   77 príspevkov
Dec 03, 2020 at 06:34
It is mandatory to learn to get better in time and yes, self study is one of the best way to achieve the success in understanding the working of forex trading
Členom od Nov 17, 2020   23 príspevkov
Dec 29, 2020 at 04:40
That’s true. When it comes to learning how to trade, there is no shortcut or alternative that one can opt for. It is a gradual process.
Členom od Jul 19, 2020   298 príspevkov
Dec 29, 2020 at 12:11
Learning is the key to success. And practice makes us perfect. Practice means a newbie should do a lot of experiments on demo account to see what works for him. And all these need time. You have to give enough time for learning and research if you want to be a good trader.
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May 28, 2021 at 17:20
True. Without knowledge, it is impossible to make a stable profit.
Členom od Mar 16, 2021   477 príspevkov
May 29, 2021 at 01:00
Yes, you must learn to trade. Profit cannot be made without education.
Členom od Jul 19, 2020   751 príspevkov
May 29, 2021 at 12:25
Skills and experience is the key to success in the forex market. If anyone think forex trading does not need much knowledge and skills, he is wrong. By knowing little you can trade but can't make consistent profit.
Členom od Feb 18, 2021   10 príspevkov
Jul 27, 2021 at 06:17
There are no free lunches here. Everything comes with experience and in forex it is always recommended to learn, research, and practice before starting the actual trading.
Členom od Jun 26, 2020   327 príspevkov
Jul 27, 2021 at 07:43
The main issue in Forex is to keep survive continue. And for surviving in a proper way we the traders first of all have to make sure real exclusive educational facilities that are very supportive to be a knowledgeable trader rapidly. we can choose the broker which always ensures best trading environment for acquiring proper trading knowledge by providing exclusive educational facilities.
Členom od Mar 28, 2021   617 príspevkov
Jul 27, 2021 at 08:08
Forex without knowledge, skills and experience is nothing but gambling. That's why there is no alternative to learning the art of trading.
Členom od Aug 09, 2017   785 príspevkov
Jul 29, 2021 at 08:36
In Fx trading, learning is not easy despite of having too many sources including pips school, learning sometimes boning and usually new traders get tempts to start trading without enough knowledge and become fascinated with the way of trading live which may cause laziness and trapped by wishful thinking get rich quickly scheme
Členom od Jun 12, 2021   132 príspevkov
Jul 29, 2021 at 09:18
in order to me one alternative is available which is making loss, if you willing to skip learning i think its more appropriate to faces losses.
Členom od Jan 05, 2020   16 príspevkov
Jul 30, 2021 at 04:14
Trading can be compared to any other profession like a driver. In order to learn how to drive you need, firstly, learn theory and traffic rules and, secondly, practise driving. The more you learn and practise, the better your skill becomes and the more profit you get. If you start driving without any preparation, you are highly likely to get into a serious trouble on the road. THe same happens in trading.
Členom od Jul 07, 2021   41 príspevkov
Jul 30, 2021 at 05:34
Michihito posted:
There is no alternative to learning, if you want to get success in forex. Self study is simply the best procedure to get started with forex trading. Subsequently after learning the basic information of trading, it good to take help from a specialist.

I think what you mean is that if you really want to succeed in forex you need to be willing to learn, and also, keep learning as things change all the time. Learning is indeed the foundation of being a good trading, and you need to understand what is going on in the market in order to hope for good decisions when you buy and sell forex.
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Jul 30, 2021 at 07:37
croisssan posted:
In fact, a trader can really get a positive result only after training. There is simply no other scenario for the development of events now, and cannot be.
Exactly you need to learn and develop skills for trading this is the only way to make profit.
Členom od Jul 19, 2020   751 príspevkov
Aug 05, 2021 at 14:19
@croisssan Exactly, but many people do not want to understand to this. They think few days of demo with some ready made strategies is enough to make money in trading.
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Aug 10, 2021 at 07:23
If you want to get maximal result from this market place, first of all you have to make sure the credible trading broker besides good trading knowledge, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly. For ensuring a secure and comfortable trading life with certainly we can choose the regulated broker which guarantee their clients funds.
Členom od Aug 09, 2017   785 príspevkov
Aug 10, 2021 at 10:16
Only good trading knowledge cannot brings profit regularly. Besides trading knowledge you have to focus on money and risk management which is the key to success in Forex trading.
Členom od Dec 22, 2020   11 príspevkov
Aug 25, 2021 at 19:36
I quite agree with that there are no alternatives to learning and if you're a novice you have no choice actually. Of course, I speak about those novices who seriously want to start trading activity and become successful in it. Some traders just open couple of deals, then gove up everything after deposit dumping and start accusing trading of their losses. I don't understand such people. Speaking about alternatives, there are no alternatives as I said before, but some traders can do only practicing. Of course, it's also a part of learning, however they can combine theory with practice and it will be great.
Členom od Mar 28, 2021   617 príspevkov
Aug 26, 2021 at 12:19
@Pietro_Seitz It happens because most people have been told that trading is easy. You just have to learn few strategy and do demo trading for sometime then you are good to go. So their introduction to the forex trading is wrong.
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