Server missing?

Mar 17 at 15:00
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Mar 17 at 15:00
hi, I'm trying to connect my JustMarkets account but my server is not listed and connections to other servers fail

The server is JustMarkets-Live

The only servers listed under JustMarkets are:

JustMarkets - Live2
JustMarkets - Live3
JustMarkets - Live4
JustMarkets - Live5

There is a JustForex - Live but it doesn't connect

Any ideas?
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Mar 21 at 10:46
It appears that the specific server 'JustMarkets-Live' is not listed among the available options for connection. You've mentioned attempting connections to other servers provided by JustMarkets, but encountering failures. If 'JustMarkets-Live' is the designated server for your account, it might be worthwhile to reach out to JustMarkets support directly for assistance. They can provide guidance on resolving connectivity issues or possibly clarify if there have been changes to server names or settings.
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Apr 07 at 20:27
Why even ask here, contact the support and surely they will have an answer.
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