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There are lot of common mistakes

Jan 31 at 13:03
298 príspevkov
There are lot of common mistakes every trader do when they are new. I also did the same. Like opening trade position before big news events and after the news events. Opening too many lots is another mistakes. Risking more than 1% of the capital is also a mistake. Another big mistake is unrealistic expectation. We come here to make double, triple of our capital over night. But it's the biggest mistake one can have. We also make mistake in choosing broker.

Jan 31 at 13:32
635 príspevkov
The biggest mistake people make is they think trading doesn't require skills. It happens when we treat trading just like gambling. But the truth is to make consistent profit you need knowledge and skills.

Jan 31 at 17:41
658 príspevkov
New traders often start with real account without demo practice which is a big mistake.

Feb 02 at 15:09
25 príspevkov
The mistakes we make when trading are common enough that everyone repeats the same thing.

Feb 03 at 08:14
98 príspevkov
Mistakes are the lesson to be learnt and improve for the future.

Feb 05 at 12:18
21 príspevkov
There are so many people who think that forex trading doesn’t require skills and you can make money in the market whenever you can. But it’s not the truth. You have to do your learning and enhance your skills to make profits in the market.

Feb 05 at 17:33
158 príspevkov
Thats so true ive made all of the same mistakes mentioned above lol

Feb 07 at 12:19
112 príspevkov
Sometimes it is better to study the mistakes that can occur during trading in order to be on the safe side than to experience them in your trading.

Feb 08 at 11:54
82 príspevkov
The common mistake which I noticed among most of the traders is doing overtrading, in the urge of making maximum profits they open multiple positions without sufficient capital and end up gaining loss.

Feb 09 at 05:15
102 príspevkov
I guess starting live trading, without any good skills and knowledge is another huge mistake and some traders don't even plan their moves, which is again a big fault.

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