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Traders from India

ForexGuru.US (dxnation)
Mar 24 2013 at 15:44
61 príspevkov
Hello members,

I am starting a new thread on this website. There are many members who are from India who are either living in India or overseas. Let us collaborate and share information about trading activities, brokers, funding-withdrawal systems etc.

This is a good portal to share and learn.


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Amit Jamuda (amitjamuda)
Mar 25 2013 at 06:35
54 príspevkov
Hi There I am from India.!

Make profit everyday.
ForexGuru.US (dxnation)
Apr 18 2013 at 05:25
61 príspevkov
Hello Amit,

It was indeed nice to talk with you on PM and Skype.

Looking forward to have few other fellow traders / investors join this thread and discuss about trading activities.

Be among the very successful Forex Account Managers.
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