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In trading everyone should have some rules

Jan 18 at 16:19
8 príspevkov
Any strategy makes sense if you figure it out well and really test it in practice.
This can be tested with different assets and timeframes.
And it's better to do it on a demo, of course.

Jan 21 at 04:33
98 príspevkov
I agree! Set some rules and stick to them. That's how you can improve and enhance your trading skills.

Jan 28 at 09:47
48 príspevkov
Everyone should have some rules and more important is to stick to those rules.
My golden investment rule - Never invest money that you can't afford to lose.

Jan 28 at 11:32
640 príspevkov
forextrader777 posted:
I agree! Set some rules and stick to them. That's how you can improve and enhance your trading skills.

You are right. But traders often fail to execute their plan perfectly due to psychological fact.

Jan 28 at 19:06
341 príspevkov
Many traders trade in the market without any knowledge. It is very dangerous. It is the main reason to lose their money. If you want to build up your trading career you have to learn forex properly.

Feb 02 at 09:57
48 príspevkov
Rules in trading are must for everyone and following those rules is more important than that. I also have my own trading rules, listing here some of them
· I risk only what I can afford
· I always use stop loss
· Keep close eye on headlines
· Learning daily about market through various books and articles
· I never trade without a plan or strategy.

Feb 11 at 09:18
35 príspevkov
Setting some trading rules for yourself is really helpful in the longer run if followed seriously.

Feb 18 at 12:03
31 príspevkov
The rules to make your trading beneficial are having sufficient knowledge, a trading plan and patience.

Feb 18 at 16:34
298 príspevkov
Yes, I think the key to money trading success is discipline and plan. Because without these you will never be able to go ahead in trading. So every trader has to maintain these issues.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Feb 24 at 11:08
92 príspevkov
Ofcourse! The financial goals and risk taking capacity of each trader is different and so are the rules. For example, for the risk management part, every trader should work on analysing the amount of risk he can take and then try to trade in that limit.

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