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EurUsd cycle for April

Mar 19 2018 at 07:03
1 príspevkov
Here is my cycle analysis for eurusd for the month of April. It uses historical data using usdchf, which is inverse of eurusd. The approximate timing of highs and lows are marked. It uses a fixed time period between each of the 3 series of candle charts. This can be adapted for any market where there is enough historical data to get 3 or more series. For example, it works in the stock market. Any viewer of this thread can suggest any big cap stock with a long history like GE or IBM, and I will post my cycle solution for that stock here in this thread.

Let me point out, this is NOT a trading system. It does not give buy/sell signals, but rather is a tool of cycle analysis that can complement traditional technical analysis.

I may at some point put my trading account up for view on MyFxBook. But for now, just posting this.
May 24 2018 at 06:12
26 príspevkov
but becoz of some leverage problems w/ EURO, i failed to monitor it for my fav money pairs.
however, my file on usdchf showed vibrant trading despite (inspite) trend-news, like even if candles are pointing down, charts sez Buy. i guess trading on usd is centered on, 'the price is always right.'
w/ ur post, i will include eurusd again.
thnx a zil.
begin fm below. no man w/ 4 aces asks for a new deal.
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