sbresee posted:
For the non-conventional trader: I have traded for 7 years, I do not use stop loss, I hedge every day, I choose to not take losses no matter what the draw-down, but I grow my balance every day. I have a 85.47% roi for the year (balance). I know what risk is and watch every position I place, and if a trade gets stuck, who cares in my world, I just start trading the other direction, continuing to grow my account larger and larger. Remember 7 years, with large draw-downs, still alive, kicking and growing!

Same thing i have come to learn over the past 5 years of trading the market. Some will wonder but i will say take your time to study market price action , trade what you see and consider trading with the right lot size for your account.

1,000 usd acct - 0.01 per trade
10,000 usd acct - 0.1 per trade


Be patient , 5% - 10% per month is a good start then you can compound careful over time.


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