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Strategies from others.

Baldo (BaldoN)
Apr 26 2018 at 15:06
522 príspevkov
To build own strategy means first to have own market understanding :)

May 09 2018 at 06:28
886 príspevkov
Practically in order to our trading understanding we the traders choose our trading strategies. According to me , if you want to get maximal result by your trading strategy , first of all you have make sure the proper money management approach , otherwise that’s not possible at all to make profit at all with great consistency despite of most powerful analyzing trading strategy. so, it is more important to know how to manage money in Forex trading.

vontogr (togr)
May 10 2018 at 06:38
4862 príspevkov
Gettone1 posted:
Good day to everyone one, i just wanted to discuss about the every strategy where is in this feed.
Does any of them is really have chances to be profitable? Or just everyone who did not succeed sharing their strategies, to get some ideas from another people?

I'm glad, lot of people sharing their strategies, to new players get some ideas to create something by their self, but cmon if you are depressed of looking something good, not created by your self, that little bit naive to find something great, that works and you will make profit. Maybe there is chance, but 10% i guess, what kind of person will share his big strategy for everyone..

Like anything in real world nothing comes for free. So do not blindly trade using someone' EA
do not buy EAs unless there is proof it does work on reputable broker,
take your time and find your own way to success.

Sep 22 2020 at 19:00
318 príspevkov
Strategy is the most important thing to make money form this market. so, make a good and profitable strategy to make profit from this risky market.

Sep 23 2020 at 01:34
298 príspevkov
As a strategy, I use market context, support resistant level, divergence, etc. and combine some important issues with it. These are money management, risk management, trade management, trading plan, etc. I use this important thing.

Sep 23 2020 at 05:26
2 príspevkov
Beginners really need to understand how much money they want to spend and how much they are prepared to lose in the FX market. This helps traders to understand when to end a particular trade. If Beginners start small and slow, they will be able to acquire success thorough knowledge of FX. Besides as a forex beginners everybody should follow this :

1.To see forex related forum regularly
2.To learn forex trade properly
3.To follow this website or channel who are teaching beginners about forex like mfxcenter.net

Sep 23 2020 at 15:16
142 príspevkov
You better develop your own strategy, it's very difficult to replicate another trader's strategy. Like a trader tried to replicate my manual trading strategy and failed woefully.
It look amazing and easy to him when I keep the profits coming, but he never knew the complexities and the mode and speed of calculation and processing speed my brains goes into, to make sure I make the best decision with higher percentage of exiting each trades with profits.

Sep 30 2020 at 12:29
90 príspevkov
Recently, I started using the ready-made strategy of the broker Amarkets RAMM, which is very convenient, because there is an opportunity to make good money.

Sep 30 2020 at 19:03
232 príspevkov
I think it won't work to use other's strategy on your trading. Because other's strategy may not suit your trading style. So, try to make you r own strategy and make money from this market.

Oct 02 2020 at 13:50
142 príspevkov
Develope your strategy its as good as that.

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