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What is the best strategy used as a new trader?

BrandiHeartsFX (bgaymon1)
Jan 24 at 19:52
3 príspevkov
My main strategy with being a new trader has been with using price action through top down analysis along with support, resistance and trend lines. Ive been thinking about adding some indicators as well as so far started using the EMAs. In the future im thinking maybe Fibonnaci can help with catching more accurate retracements. Anyone else have experience with any indicators they think are really good to start off with? Or implement them in their price action strategy? Just wanting to get some input and ideas!

Reinvent Your wheel ~ Its not about the cards you've been dealt, its how you play them!
Jan 25 at 08:41
59 príspevkov
Price action is good but it can be inaccurate. Just try MACD and RSI + always setting stop loss in your trade

Jan 27 at 21:41
298 príspevkov
ddarko3 posted:
Price action is good but it can be inaccurate. Just try MACD and RSI + always setting stop loss in your trade

Yes, you are right you can use this element to get the basic idea first.

Jan 28 at 19:18
19 príspevkov
I find rsi a really good way to trade and scalping

Jan 28 at 19:37
232 príspevkov
Most traders lose their money because of using the wrong strategies.

Jan 29 at 17:05
65 príspevkov
I think you are pretty well versed with the analytical tools so i would suggest that you should test your new strategies with indicators on a demo account. This helps you to retrace accurate findings that help you to trade.

Jan 29 at 17:35
88 príspevkov
The problem is new traders move from strategy to strategy too quickly. Find a strategy that fits your trading style and perfect it. Learn to be a better trader.
Give the best strategy to a bad trader and they will still lose money.

Vanza Dorbey (vanzadorbey)
Jan 29 at 18:50
31 príspevkov
test every system you can read about...but test it in real account...have a very high leverage in your account, but use the lowest leverage possible in your trades. Be patient.

Jan 30 at 13:27
15 príspevkov
i use just over buy and over sell RSI That its

Jan 31 at 01:47
298 príspevkov
New traders should usually work with indicators to know the basics. Basic concepts need to be created by analyzing different types of indicators such as moving average, RSI, Bollinger bands, etc.

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