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What’s reason behind gold’s poor performance?

Nov 08 2021 at 17:57
759 príspevkov
Gold prices are wrapping up, even having endured an important announcement from the federal reserve and the first optimistic us jobs report in nearly a quarter.
Jan 13 2022 at 21:00
21 príspevkov
The supply of gold is largely static from one period to the next. Gold mines are large and plentiful, but almost the entirety of what they produce is wasted. As a long-standing commodity, gold is not a security for the speculative. No one, or at least no one sane, buys physical gold in the hope that it will sextuple in value over the next year. Moreover, speculation is one reason for changes in gold prices. Investors speculate as to what governments and central banks are going to do and then act accordingly. It’s tempting to think that gold represents an objective measure of wealth. However, it is not. Gold’s value rises and falls just like any other investment.
Feb 03 2022 at 14:30
12 príspevkov
I really don’t think whether it performs well or bad on the market. You should realize that on Forex gold is just a CFD instrument, which is subject to speculation as any other CFD. For example, recently gold has recently tumbled responding to the last Fed meeting. You may think that an asset that is supposed to be protective should be suppressed so easily, but nevertheless it occurs. Take it for granted that everything on Forex is manipulative. I think that protective assets don’t exist any longer.
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