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Brisbane, QLD Programmer wanted C++ experience required

JB (jpbelcher)
May 06 2014 at 17:15
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I'm looking for a programmer based in Brisbane QLD who ideally has some trading experience as well as other programming experience with C++ and of course with MQL as I'm looking to build an external program which plugs into Mt-4. It's a very different concept which I'm looking to develop rather than your typical robot or indicator. If anyone fits this description please message me as I'd like to meet up to discuss the project further.

May 08 2014 at 16:05
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I'm a programmer located in Helsinki, Finland and I might have something that might be of interest to you.
I'm planning to implement a communication bridge between MT4 and .NET C# applications.
You can peek at the initial plan I've made from this link:

If you really want to stick using C++ for some reason I think it is easy to use same protocol I'm planning to use from C++ because my proprietary binary protocol over named pipes is quite easy to implement in other programming languages as well.

I have made a working implementation for one trading robot that used MT4API (https://www.mt4api.net/) for live trading and home made C/C++ DLL socket based protocol for history testing using Forex Tester 2 (https://www.forextester.com/).

After MT4 build 600 I discontinued that project and I will concentrate developing my new named pipes based protocol that can be implemented using MQL4 only in MT4 Terminal which makes life easier than dealing with external C/ C++ DLLs.

I'm willing to release the source code 'as is' to interested parties.
If you are interested and willing to collaborate in any way please email me at [email protected]

As I have a day job for living and forex is just a (serious) hobby I don't have any definitive schedule set up.
But I hope that during summer I have some time to use for this project.
Currently I have working prototype for basic named pipes communication between MQL4 client and C# server using named pipes. I can send and receive integers, doubles and simple structs over the pipe.

So I'm not proposing to help you in your project but rather some kind of technology collaboration for the wire protocol between MT4 Terminal and external programs...

Jari Petays
Being Bearish or Bullish Makes No Difference
Jul 18 2014 at 15:36
1 príspevkov

are you still looking for a programmer...?
I would be currently available and open for project work on this subject...

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