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Additional Statistics to Track výsledky hlasovania

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Additional Statistics to Track Diskusia

Victory Markets, LLC (mlollar)
Jan 27 2010 at 01:35
44 príspevkov
Additional statistics to track can help an investor, or even a trader, know how well they are doing with respect to drawdown and return.

Standard Deviation - Investment Volotility
Risk Adjusted Return - Refines an investment's return by measuring how much risk is involved in producing that return
Sharpe Ratio - helps to understand the risk involved in trading the strategy.


The World's Currency Market is Our Oyster.
Ethan (Staff)
Jan 27 2010 at 09:37
1398 príspevkov
Jan 29 2021 at 10:13
28 príspevkov
Yes, additional stats can really be a big help for traders. Thanks for bringing this up.

Mar 16 2021 at 10:18
14 príspevkov
Very good ideas. Thank you for sharing them here.

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