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Sharp Ratio & Standard deviation výsledky hlasovania

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Sharp Ratio & Standard deviation Diskusia

Dec 08 2009 at 23:20
7 príspevkov
I would like to thank MyFxBook team for creating such a benefitial web portal.

It is good to see more in depth analysis of trades. i would suggest the following:

Sharp Ratio
Standard deviation
Trade Distribution Chart
Profit Factor
Ability to print out the analysis chart
ability to rebrand the traders page

i hope this could be benefitial.


Ethan (Staff)
Dec 09 2009 at 08:05
1400 príspevkov

We're glad you like our website!.

Can you please elaborate on your last suggestion - 'ability to rebrand the traders page'?


Dec 09 2009 at 12:22
7 príspevkov

Sometimes trader who managed clients money doesn’t like that his clients to be introduced to other systems. At the moment, if I provide my system link to clients, they can see other systems as the systems menu available to every visitor. By rebranding the analysis page, trade can make sure like other analysis provider website such as MT4i, Mt4stats or Mt4Live, the client will only visiting his page with no access to other system providers. Also, by uploading trader Avatar or logo, can more personalise the page. MyFxBook logo can stay anywhere as a (Powered by MyFxBook).

Maybe, you can ask for subscription fee for such a service and offer more features such as HTML code to copy and paste the whole analysis data on trader’s website or blog.

This is my idea.

What do you think?


Ethan (Staff)
Dec 09 2009 at 12:52
1400 príspevkov
We see your point.

Yes, we can definitely do that.

Thank you for the explanation!

simon (ubernova)
Dec 09 2009 at 17:40
16 príspevkov
I agree with 'sdsarmad' , it seems that although we have many traders using myfxbook for its orginal purpose, performance tracking and analysis,many are joining because your analysis features are paramount to those managing investor funds or seek to provide managed accounts to clients.

It would be a great tweek, to allow a user avatar/logo with a 'powered by myfxbook', with direct links to the performance page but other systems are hidden from view, but in my opinion i think a better solution than hiding other systems would be to have a 'combined report' a performance analysis breakdown of all the users systems to accompany that systems page, so although the investor cannot view each system they are 'aware of the other systems performance overall, if any..' im thinking is it right to hide information from potential investors?

some important features missing, that would be standard on any trading floor:~
1.sharpe ratio <-- a biggy in traders habits of risk, this is a must have
2.standard deviation
3. profit factor, plus more.

i know this service could end up feature overload and swallow un-necessary server bandwidth, so maybe an option for members to switch features on/off, on the users system performance report, or a separate 'advanced' report page, so the page features are only called upon by user choice/action.

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