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Alpari Live exp (Od Zentrader )

Používateľ odstránil tento systém.

Alpari Live exp Diskusia

Jan 18 2011 at 15:50
7 príspevkov
AnthonyK .. can you provide commentary on why your version of 'ReliabilityEA' appears to be underperforming relative to other instances of 'ReliabilityEA' here on myfxbook? Thanks..
Zentrader (AnthonyK)
Jan 18 2011 at 16:26
8 príspevkov
OK. it's my fault because I tend to fiddle with the settings. By changing the spacing between trades I increased my risk/margin and the GBPCHF swing (in particular) had me closing trades in panic. My risk : reward ratio was because wrong coz I was banking low to get my number of lots up for the ALPARI credit bonus. Scofield's trades average 15 days whereas mine avg 1d, so there you go, but I hope I'm learning from all this. It's tricky to trust a system like this with a live account but I thought I was brave enough. I must state that Scofield gets my vote for the support he provides.
Experience trading as a manifestation of your inner zen master
Jan 19 2011 at 16:12
7 príspevkov
Thanks for the helpful, candid response. Agree with your view of Scofield's support.
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