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Basket (Od Martin Stapper )

Zisk : +122.6%
Čerpanie 21.79%
Pipy: 1924.2
Obchodníci 72
Typ: Reálny
Páka: 1:500
Obchodovanie: Automaticky
Walter (Walter_HT)
Jun 12 2017 at 19:27
110 príspevkov
Jul 21 2017 at 05:30
272 príspevkov
Why are current trades called Bull new cypher 1 yet the trade are short? Bull = buy

Walter (Walter_HT)
Jul 21 2017 at 07:48
110 príspevkov

Let's assume a Bullish pattern.
A pattern has the legs XA, AB, BC and CD.
If it completes, meaning it has all 4 legs and a D point, it will Buy.

But since HT ULTIMATE trades from the C point towards the D point already it says EMERGING, meaning it is not completed and has no 4th leg or D point yet.
So for an EMERGING Bullish pattern it (may) Sell from the C point towards the D point.
And once the pattern completes, it will say Bullish Pattern and will Buy.

Hope that explains it.

Jul 23 2017 at 06:29
4 príspevkov
@forexdutchie Could you share which HT version you are using and your settings? Thanks!

Martin Stapper (forexdutchie)
Jul 24 2017 at 06:42
9 príspevkov
I'm running the latest version: 4.3.1 on standard settings

If Things Don’t Go Right, Go Left!
Jul 24 2017 at 23:51
272 príspevkov
Backtest is profitable only since 2014. Prior years from 2008-2012 loss. Is that correct?

Walter (Walter_HT)
Jul 25 2017 at 08:26
110 príspevkov
Early years are totally irrelevant.
It was a completely different market back then.
We optimized the EA for current market conditions on 99.9% accurate tick data , more particular from 2013 to now.
(And no, this is not curve-fitting)
The fact that back test results for 2017, even on less accurate data, matches the live forward test, only confirms that we did a good job with optimizing the EA.

Jul 26 2017 at 06:24
1 príspevkov
Walter (Walter_HT)
Jul 26 2017 at 11:54
110 príspevkov
The name of this account without the space and .com added ;)

Aug 18 2017 at 10:42
31 príspevkov
This EA has stopped. Please check.

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