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BS2.0 (By Bestscalper)

Zisk +320.5%
Pokles 7.82%
Pipy(ov): 2202.0
Obchody 2064
Typ Skutočný
Páka: 1:300
Obchod Automatizovaný
Nov 03 2016 at 07:51
1 príspevkov
BS2.0 where can I buy it?

Nov 11 2016 at 02:25
18 príspevkov you can buy here.

scalper is the only EA on FX market!
Dec 02 2016 at 06:11
256 príspevkov
It is an expert advisor or a trade copier copying trades from a master account?
Which is the difference between best scalper 2 and the older version?

Running only Expert advisors with good long term backtests and nice forward tests
Dec 15 2016 at 08:58
18 príspevkov
it is real trade account by EA, it is not trade copier.

scalper is the only EA on FX market!
slpanda (slpanda)
Feb 13 2019 at 07:25
38 príspevkov
Is this using default risk settings?

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