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Contest - josegomez108 (Od josegomez108 )

Zisk : -43.33%
Čerpanie 43.33%
Pipy: -1762.0
Obchodníci 5
Typ: Demo
Páka: 1:200
Obchodovanie: Neznáme

Contest - josegomez108 Diskusia

Jul 01 2016 at 09:27
3 príspevkov
Jul 01 2016 at 19:41
3 príspevkov
I have the same problem on the desktop and mobile platform. And it only shows 4 currency pairs which is very strange. I´m still waiting for the support team to reply.

Jul 03 2016 at 09:56
5 príspevkov
What happens in your Metatrader 4 program when you choose File click New Chart and then choose Forex+ and you you get so many available charts that you will not know which ones to open ?
No trading on weekends .
To trade what happens when you right click on the chart and see the word Trading and hover the mouse over it ?

I am not from the support .
I am just another competitor .
Good luck 😲

Jul 04 2016 at 14:33
3 príspevkov
I´ve tried everything you mentioned before I came here. Right klick = no new oder available, New Chart Forex+ = blank oderbook with no options to klick anything, installing the new software didn´t change the problem and according to Vantage Support it´s a problem with myfx or their host. Myfx support didn´t answer yet. It´s strange because my real accounts at my other brokers with the same MT4 software are working fine.

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

Zentrader (AnthonyK)
Jul 04 2016 at 18:46
8 príspevkov
Blank - I can't place orders either, not on desktop or mobile. Not even if I open another demo account.
Does anyone know how to fix it?

Experience trading as a manifestation of your inner zen master
Jul 05 2016 at 06:43
3 príspevkov
CTRL + u on MT4 , a box will appear and then go to 'Forex +' and click show and the paires will appears after that you will be able to trade 😁

Jul 05 2016 at 06:50
1 príspevkov
click on view on your MT4 platform. Then Symbols. Then click on Forex+. Look for required symbol like EURUSD. Click on it twice till the dollar sign by it turns gold or yellow. Do same for other symbols.

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