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EA_Smart-machine_v_3.3_PRO (By AmirSaripro )

Zisk -99.9%
Pokles 99.94%
Pipy(ov): -3547.8
Obchody 1442
Typ Skutočný
Páka: 1:500
Obchod Automatizovaný
Dec 09 2020 at 19:40
1 príspevkov
Dec 22 2020 at 10:33
37 príspevkov
It is always good to see how everyone else is trading. I am sure that you might be sending signals to a lot of new traders. You have such a nice trading system.

Jan 15 at 04:09
18 príspevkov
1:500 is a good leverage. Some would consider it pretty high but seems like it has worked well for your system.

Feb 05 at 04:04
15 príspevkov
Looks okay to me. You can probably work on your leverage and see if it gets better.

Mar 04 at 12:15
9 príspevkov
1:500 is a good leverage and I feel like it has also turned out good for your system. Do you mind sharing some info here? Thanks.

Mar 11 at 10:32
14 príspevkov
The gains on your system speak for themselves, even though I find the leverage to be high. Good work!

Mar 23 at 10:43
11 príspevkov
That is not at all a bad system. Although I’d like to get some information about it, thanks.

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