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Fluid Trader Account 2 (Od fluidtrader )

Zisk : +427.49%
Čerpanie 35.06%
Pipy: 4867.4
Obchodníci 2199
Typ: Demo
Páka: 1:200
Obchodovanie: Automaticky

Fluid Trader Account 2 Diskusia

Sep 13 2017 at 22:12
272 príspevkov
Sep 14 2017 at 06:36
13 príspevkov
Yes I show a DEMO and LIVE account... from same broker. Both profitable.

"The Rook" (Goldrush2)
Mar 26 2018 at 06:04
12 príspevkov
FT-Pro is a very good and safe EA when setting on Low Risk. The only problem is the profits are small starting out but grow with the size of your balance. Winning trade near 100% on Low Risk and gives 8-10 trades per day Mon-Thursday. Fewer trades on Friday and Sunday.

"God Bless The Child That's Gone His Own"
"The Rook" (Goldrush2)
Sep 16 2018 at 06:41
12 príspevkov
can you send me link to your live account on myfxbooks?

"God Bless The Child That's Gone His Own"
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