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Forex Envy Power Edition (Od ForexEnvy )

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Forex Envy Power Edition Diskusia

Apr 19 2012 at 12:34
102 príspevkov
Hi Will,

Of course you are right, high leverage to generate a high MC head room is just one effect Envy uses to it's advantage.

As for Team Envy, VERY impressed.

I use these Script to measure a lot of broker stuff, including StopLevel, MC%, and trade to trade time. If Envy needs to close out 13 trades by changing the SL or TP and your broker has a order modify to order modify time of 1.6 seconds, well you be be down a few pips.

Best time trade time I have ever seen is 300 ms or around 3.3 order mods per second. That was on a VPS with a <1 ms Ping time to the server. Worst was around 2 seconds. Then look at the StopLevel and Digits. Some brokers use StopLevel 20 or 40 on 4 digits and others use StopLevel 1 or 2 on 5 digits.


Apr 19 2012 at 12:53
588 príspevkov
using hard SL & TP, the trade is closed on the server side, no network latency for this.
changing a SL/TP to a specific value (which is away from the minimum for the account) is not impacted by the latency, if you want the SL at a specific price, this could takes 10 seconds to be completed and there is no impact on the target price asked

the performance impacts only the open trade process for this EA, you don't care if its slow, has the EA is not impacted by a specific open price value, the target is 10ips from the price of the trade not from the asked price.

the new version will offer an hidden TP, in this case the execution could be a problem if you have to close 10 trades, this could take 2 to 5 seconds.

Apr 19 2012 at 13:07
102 príspevkov
Hi Will,

Sure I agree that a hard SL or TP cost no MT4 time. But most EAs I have seen actively control the SL and/or TP and thus need a high back to back order modify execution speed.

I have just today downloaded Envy so I have no detailed knowledge of the order modification sequence it uses. As an old engineer and IT guy, I would prefer to have a quick order modification time and have a StopLevel of 0 or 1 on a 5 digit broker.

As for the Leverage question, I have modified the Envy Power Excel spreadsheet to allow the Leverage to be altered. Dropping the Leverage from 1000 to 500 doubles the cost of opening each trade. Open a LOT of trades and your MC head room is reduced as can clearly be seen in the chart. At a leverage of 300, I suggest we would have had a MC and at 200 a blown account for sure. I'm happy with leverage of 500 as I can get good high speed and tight spread brokers on an dedicated VPS. I have real concerns about putting real money on a penny broker.

You pay peanuts and you get monkeys.


Apr 19 2012 at 13:56
588 príspevkov
just follows the team recommandations. if you dont do this, you'll have a real problem.
do not try to play on top of them by changing the size of the account , the leverage or anything. you'll loose your account for sure.

its not just a question of leverage, a leverage of 1000 on a standard account required 10 times more money than a micro account.
and the free margin is not just based on the opened trades, but also the current loss of these trades...
so 13 lot could be 10% of the balance, but 13 lots (+ the 10 other trades) at -100pips reduce your free margin quickly.

a web site like mt4i provide a chart with the hourly floating P/L, so you can see that the free margin could fall below 100% just because the price goes in the wrong direction.
here the link for the small live accpunt:

Apr 19 2012 at 14:43
102 príspevkov
Hi Will,

Yes I understand the issue with the free margin chewed up by the open losing trades, I couldn't model that and yes it would be expected to make my cash flow worst and the change of hitting a MC a lot more probable. I made the model to study the effect that Leverage via the cost of opening a trade has on the overall cash flow.

What I learned was there needs to be an cost to the account of 1/5000 the balance to open the smallest Lot size. For a standard account that is 0.01 Lots which cost at 500 Leverage $2. This means I need to invest $10k, have a Leverage of 500 and have opening Lot sizes of 0.01 standard Lots. Correct?

Will, I'm an engineer and I love to take new and smart things apart to figure out how they tick. Trust me though, I'm not one for reinventing the wheel and will be running Envy with standard setting until we get to know each other very well.

Thanks for the link. If I'm reading the data correctly it seems that account almost died.

Apr 19 2012 at 14:53
588 príspevkov
yes, the small account was closed to died... but has not died.
they add few $ in the account to go through the bad move, and the monday they hit the TP, and so they win a big amount.
I got the same trend, expect I was not able to add some money and instaforex removes the bonus, so I got a margin call for the same batch. only 5% was missing in my account to not get the MC...
but my mistake: I got the 30% bonus which can be removed at any time by the broker... and they remove it... :(

well... I allready recovered 50% of the lost in 1 month using the long cycle only... (100% of account increase in march without the rebates, and I'm at 30% in april)
because the account is small now, the risk is increased... (its why I got 100%...)

except this bonus issue, the EA is very stable with constant win.

Apr 19 2012 at 15:46
102 príspevkov
Ouch on the Bonus removal. Not nice. Even more reason to trade with your own money. I mean the money they give away and their rebates needs to come from some other customer, so No Free Lunches.

I'm happy to trade with 0.1 to 0.4 pip spreads, pay 0.3 pip / lot / round trip commission, have a StopLevel of 0.1 pip, MC at 1% and trade to trade execution time of 300 ms.

Apr 19 2012 at 15:57
588 príspevkov
Apr 19 2012 at 16:29
102 príspevkov
FxCC with special conditions.

May get the RT pip cost down to 0.1 (0.8 charge and 0.7 rebate) if I push through enough Lots from Envy, other EAs I run and my manual trading (use ForexEaSystem's ProFx indicators) which can be over 100 Lots per month. FxCC have very tight spreads and fast execution.

I use AxiTrader via a CNS VPS at the moment but the FxCC rep is working a good deal for me to move. I did a trade time test on their close coupled VPS and got Ping time <1ms and MT4 order modify executes of around 250ms or 4 per second. Fastest I have ever seen.

I also use the real time FxOpen market depth program. Helps to see how the EU market will open on Cable.

Who do you use or would use with serious money on the line?

Apr 20 2012 at 08:23
2 príspevkov
I am sorry i am new to this stuff but look at this ea and can' t understand this, there are two products ? one forex envy and one forex envy power edition ? or it is something you can change from the sets ? thank you

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