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Forex For Living (Od gloryeek )

Používateľ nastavil svoju stratégiu ako súkromnú.

Forex For Living Diskusia

Sep 25 2020 at 09:26
2 príspevkov
Oct 12 2020 at 09:52
58 príspevkov
Forex is a gateway to investment and brings along opportunities for profits and growth. You can make a living while trading but it involves risk. The stock market keeps changing and is risky. Once you get a hang of it, you might even start enjoying it.
Oct 13 2020 at 05:58
59 príspevkov
It totally is possible
It is, if you are dedicated and consistent with your trading plan.
Dec 07 2020 at 07:04
19 príspevkov
Such a roller coaster ride. But I like it. It is better than a curve going opposite.
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