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Mar 17 at 16:00
2 príspevkov
chai_tan posted:
Hi, I have a request.

You can hide your open trades, it makes sense to do so. Even hiding your orders is ok.
But, why hide your exposure? We all know you trade USDCAD.

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I have a query. What if there are trades with negative m2m which you never closed? With your level of risk settings, is not improbable. I see copy traders do it all the time, which is why brokers who allow copy trading rarely let the master account hide their exposure.

I have tried soo many EAs that I was actually excited to have found this one, but then that point really depressed me.


Additionally, the max drawdown shown in the graph is about 9-10% while the drawdown shown in the stats is 18%
pardon my inexperience, I am not sure how this difference works. Hence the earlier query.

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