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fxtrends net and trendsfx us (By mattryan24 )

Užívateľ odstránil tento systém.
Jan 18 at 06:02
1 príspevkov
why is different from telegram and from here signals?
I can't found signal which you copied on telegram.

Jan 18 at 13:03
9 príspevkov
I think the signsls on telrgam and the copy service are different services.

Jan 22 at 11:25
20 príspevkov
You are doing quite good. As I can see, you have a big risk appetite. I am not sure for how long you have been trading but it looks like you have some great experience in risk management.

Feb 17 at 05:14
12 príspevkov
Your profits are amazing on this manual system. I usually don’t trade manual but this looks pretty impressive to me.

Feb 19 at 04:44
12 príspevkov
Excellent system you have here. Could you share some details here, thanks.

Feb 24 at 16:39
2 príspevkov
My account busted with following this copy trade.
It open alot alot of multiple loss trade. It trading style is almost same as martingale trade. Pls do be careful when follow this account for trading

Feb 24 at 22:22
1 príspevkov
My account is currently at a 30+% drawdown with same risk settings and hasn't opened any more trades during since Feb 22. Cant even contact the author. Anybody have the same result now ?

Feb 25 at 08:51
1 príspevkov
fxtrend is a robot with no customer service. they will sell low and buy high... trade with caution with them ever

Feb 25 at 18:41
9 príspevkov
It is very common for this sort of grid trading to go 30% or more drawdown

Feb 26 at 03:03
3 príspevkov
Be careful as there doesn't seem to be a proper payment system. No payment receipt and no way to easily cancel the recurring payments other than emailing them and hoping they do the right thing.

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