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Integrity Forex Signals (Od Gringotts )

Používateľ odstránil tento systém.

Integrity Forex Signals Diskusia

Jun 05 2013 at 18:05
86 príspevkov

I thought that auto trade accepts only real accouonts so there must be an error on your system type (demo)?

Your system definitely seems worth following (maybe with a little less risk) , I just want to see few more months of your performance to hop on ;)

BTW, it would not hurt anybody to put some info about your system to your profile page.
Being Bearish or Bullish Makes No Difference
Gringotts (walloj)
Jun 06 2013 at 06:37
14 príspevkov
Hi petays, this is a real account. I will ask myfxbook to change that. I believe that in time you will be confident in my system's performance. Almost all of my 'bigger' losses came about as a result of my EA responding to spikes during news events. I have attached a news filter to prevent that in the future, so you should see more stability and a a smoother profit line.

I will add some information about my system soon on my profile page.

Best regards,


Rules of Trading: 1. Make Pips 2. Keep Pips 3. Repeat
Jun 25 2013 at 06:10
85 príspevkov
in the order comment:

First Face

Second Face

If I remember correctly that will be the TOFT EA from BFG

Or perhaps Forex Combo Bot. Can you tell us what commercial EA you are using.
Jun 25 2013 at 12:11
86 príspevkov
uk_max posted:
TFOT. That's it! - https://www.myfxbook.com/members/iticsoftware/expert-advisor-tfot/65539

Quite respectable stats for a robot!
Though last 12-18 months are a big disappointment performance wise.
Thank you @uk_max for noticing this important fact!

I'll bet that this system uses much higher risk settings than original TFOT robot and we have not yet seen what will be real DD.
Being Bearish or Bullish Makes No Difference
Gringotts (walloj)
Jun 25 2013 at 19:28
14 príspevkov
Uh Oh. The secret is out! Yes, I am indeed using TFOT (v.7.0). I originally started with version 6.0, but decided to use the news filter upgrade, since the largest draw downs were during news spikes. The risk is actually lower than what Iticssoftware's orignal robot on this site used when it started (you can compare lot sizes for yourself).

I have discovered that this robot responds better with some brokers than with others. I use Alpari-US Pro, which has extremely low spreads for EUR/USD and instant execution. I'm also using a very low latency VPS. I am currently using the robot on the Andromex Contest, and for whatever reason, the robot refuses to execute the way it does on my live account.

My experience is that TFOT performs best when it is monitored very closely--there are times when I use a manual override.

Happy trading!


Rules of Trading: 1. Make Pips 2. Keep Pips 3. Repeat
Jun 25 2013 at 21:21
86 príspevkov
@walloj it is good to hear about your 'strategy'.
There is nothing to shame if you manage to run this robot with better profit and less drawdown than original - on the contrary!
And it I know too well how frustrating it is to watch a robot to open stupid trades that you would have never done.
That's why I'll be glad to follow somebody who does the robot's babysitting for me 😄
Being Bearish or Bullish Makes No Difference
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