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Alex (lionfxtrader)
Apr 07 2016 at 19:00
102 príspevkov
lionfxtrader posted:
Problem of a difference of results - (in fact I use winter time according to the recommendation of the broker)

Forex4you support -

Your question: Time

Please, expect. Soon the employee will be in touch.

Now you communicate with Dmitriy K. - Livehelp - Russian

20:39Dmitriy K.:
Hello! You have addressed in the Support service of clients of Forex4you.


On what GMT Classical accounts work ?

20:40Dmitriy K.:
On all servers the Central European time (GMT+1) is determined.

yes, on the terminal now 19:41

and it is (GMT+2).

20:42Dmitriy K.:
Alexander, was transition to summertime at the end of March is carried out, time has been changed for the hour ahead. GMT remains invariable, (+1), UTC time changes.

I have sorry, got confused. Time across Greenwich in London now 17:44

Where (GMT=0).

terminal now 19:44

2 hours a difference, it I watch GMT time

20:48Dmitriy K.:
GMT is the constant taken for a reference point, it is no more. UTC isn't translated neither in the winter, nor in the summer. Therefore for those places where there is a transition to summertime, shift concerning UTC changes.

20:50Dmitriy K.:
Exact time in London - 18:48. The time zone in London — UTC+1 or GMT=0 (because of transition to summertime).

20:51Dmitriy K.:
Respectively in the GMT+1 or UTC+2 terminal.

Thanks for explanations

OH, I begin to doubt competence of a support service of my broker.

It is conversation with the representative of Alpari, a difference between Alpari and Forex4you +1

For an example, if on the Alpari servers now 22:00, then Forex4you now 21:00

Alexander | 21:38
Hello. on what GTM your servers work?

Oleg | 21:38
Time in a trading platform of MetaTrader — East European (EET), it coincides with the Moscow summer and lags behind for one hour in the winter.
In Europe (EET) transition to summertime is carried out last Sunday of March (for 1 hour ahead), the return transition is carried out last Sunday of October (at o'clock).

Alexander | 21:39
time that now on GTM GTM +2 or GTM +3 is considered

Oleg | 21:40
Now. GMT+3

Alexander | 21:41
before transition to summertime there was GMT+2 (I am right)?

Oleg | 21:44
Yes. Everything is right.

Alexander | 21:44
Thanks for consultation.

Apr 07 2016 at 19:05
91 príspevkov
Thanks Alex but what is the conclusion. Do you set up your Ea with GMT+1 (winter time) or GMT +2 (summer time).


Apr 07 2016 at 19:19
91 príspevkov
BTW I just asked FxPro and they told me the platform is running at GTM + 3. Therefore 3 in the way I adjust the EA.

Is that correct Alex??.

I have to confess I am getting confused with something I always believed was obvious.


Vadim (FXdog)
Apr 07 2016 at 20:54
24 príspevkov
Hey to all running LION FX TRADER!
I use this EA on Forex4You Broker and it trades just amazing!I use GMT=1 and this is official note from Forex4you.
As well i would like to share other Brokers GMT time :
    Forex4you: GMT+1

        ALPARI: GMT+3

    IC Markets: GMT+3

  GO Markets : GMT+2
Maybe it will be useful for anybody.😉

Apr 08 2016 at 07:04
18 príspevkov
Alex is busy analysing this at the moment. As soon as he has a decision, he will inform us.

T.M.P.thennakoon (palithaknfx)
Apr 08 2016 at 07:08
45 príspevkov


here is some brokers listed by fxbook ... click on your broker and scroll down you can find ''brokers platform time zone'


Apr 08 2016 at 07:11
91 príspevkov
Careful with this information. Regarding FxPRO it says GTM +2 while chatting with them yesterday they confirmed GTM+3.

Nauris Mucenieks (naurismucenieks)
Apr 09 2016 at 10:37
23 príspevkov
because it's summer time = GMT +2 (+1).

T.M.P.thennakoon (palithaknfx)
Apr 10 2016 at 14:12
45 príspevkov

when you developing this system.in witch time do you intended to open first order . end of the usa or start of the asian.? or otherwise on the 00.00 candle.? your every order has executed at 22.00 or 23.00 its the end of the usa session. but my settings is gmt +3 for tickmill broker is making first order at 00.00 candle its more profit and more gain than your account (not profit. comparing pips only.) i think you also using wrong time settings. . . i have changed my settings as +1 to +3 for few days and more gains occurring when only if order executed on 00.00 candle .its my experience ......i think you can understand what i talking about(sorry for my bad English)

thank you in advance

Alex (lionfxtrader)
Apr 10 2016 at 17:20
102 príspevkov
I will leave on FX4U GMT+1. As according to the recommendation of a support service of the broker.
with GMT+1 (On my broker) Many tests have shown better than a ratio of profit and risk than GMT+2

Apr 11 2016 at 06:12
2 príspevkov
Sorry to say but please your brains a littlebit it won't hurt at all! If a somebody develops an ea and it is running on his platform with nice performance and you find out you don't have the same results then just ask the vendor on what time his platform is. Open the website gmt time and compare with the time the vendor is using. Now go back to your own platform and open the market watch window and look what time you have. Now you can set the right time for the ea to get the same results as the vendor. It is easy like that. If there is no time function in the ea then use the same broker as the vendor does or a like one with the same servertime

T.M.P.thennakoon (palithaknfx)
Apr 11 2016 at 06:21
45 príspevkov

wich account do you using in forex4you ?

NDD mode or DD mode ??


Apr 11 2016 at 10:14
22 príspevkov
Hello Guys!

Since I changed my GMT offset according to my guideline (find it below) I make good profit.
My balance changed from -21% to +20% profit. And that since my last post here on MyFxBook.

On your MT4 click on VIEW than MARKET and check the time there. This is your brokers time.

Than check this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/gmt
See the GMT time now.

The difference is your GMT offset.

With my broker the market shows at 6:00 and the GMT shows 6:oo, too. The GMT offset is 0.
I used +2 from standard settings and made loss.

My friends broker's market shows at 9:00 and the GMT shows 6:00 The GMT offset is 3.
He used 2 from standard setting and made profit. I told him to change it and now he hopes for even bigger profits ;)
Kindy Regards
Tini Tina

Apr 12 2016 at 06:31
18 príspevkov
The attached is a simple EA that does exactly this.... It will alert and advise you of your Broker GMTOffset.

Its quite simple.

The calculation is available with the following time functions in MQL4:

TimeCurrent() minus TimeGMT() gives offset in seconds. Convert it to hours and presto!

TimeCurrent() is Broker time


Nauris Mucenieks (naurismucenieks)
Apr 12 2016 at 11:23
23 príspevkov
so in the end of the day - the EA needs to be running GMT ( London ) time?

Apr 12 2016 at 14:56
18 príspevkov
It needs to trade at GMT so that it know when the Asian window opens.... hence it requires a GMToffset to be defined.

Apr 12 2016 at 15:09
91 príspevkov
Sure. But it had been easier to include the function in the EA as Pure Power properly described.

May be Alvin want to do it in following versions.


Apr 13 2016 at 06:04
18 príspevkov
Has anyone tried this EA on other Currency pairs?

T.M.P.thennakoon (palithaknfx)
Apr 13 2016 at 10:51
45 príspevkov
PurePower posted:
Has anyone tried this EA on other Currency pairs?

less volatile pair giving best result (ea trading time usd/cad is less volatile period )

i testing it from last week with usd/cad


Apr 13 2016 at 11:09
222 príspevkov
palithaknfx posted:
PurePower posted:
Has anyone tried this EA on other Currency pairs?

less volatile pair giving best result (ea trading time usd/cad is less volatile period )

i testing it from last week with usd/cad


Which timeframe and GMToffset do you use?

Best regards,

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