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MG Pro

Zisk : -99.32%
Čerpanie 99.45%
Pipy: -9743.3
Obchodníci 1351
Typ: Reálny
Páka: 1:200
Obchodovanie: Automaticky
Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 29 2021 at 18:50
10 príspevkov
Hello, I show your comment on the trade you take on the 27 January 2021.The same problem happened to me as well, the GPS did not open the reversal trade after SL. I am assuming that the ea did not open the reversal trade because it was too risk, meaning there was no enough room to make profit if it opened a sell, as you can see there was a strong bullish momentum after the SL.

That is what I am guessing but I might be completely wrong.

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 29 2021 at 23:14
10 príspevkov
Hi thank you for your message.
That means the EA is not as reliable and works as it should be.
Because the entry is always 01:00:00 everyday, and buy direction, it will be wrong sometimes and this time it is badly wrong.

I have emailed the owner of GPS forex about why reversal trade didnt trigger. Sent them screenshots and also my own manual trades to cover.

How long have you been using GPS?

Thank you for your explanation, i think it is logical, but then it doesn't do any good to me because that means the GPS robot is not reliable and can make big losses. Also, daily basis, it automatically closes for very small profit (and sometimes loss).

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 29 2021 at 23:23
10 príspevkov
Yes, I understand what you mean. I have been using the ea for 3 months.

I also have checked other peoples gps trades history and it is the first time this has happened so I have no other explanations to why the ea did not open the reversal trade.
To be honest you are right, the ea has a small profit and a huge loses and drawdown

Please let me know when the gps owner replay to you..

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 29 2021 at 23:28
10 príspevkov
So this is the first time it happened?
For everyone else as well using GPS?

Yes but i think GPS is not as safe and reliable as it claims to be...also takes low return for a high risk .
And it is the only EA i am using that I manually intervene almost every day.

Yes will share with you when GPS replies me, they already replied earlier asking for info

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 29 2021 at 23:33
10 príspevkov
It did not happen to some people because they don't trade everyday and I show 1 person that ea closed the trade because he only took 2 pips.

Yes it is a shame that you have to intervene everyday

what other ea's are you currently using ?

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 30 2021 at 01:54
10 príspevkov
previously i set autoanalyse to false for all 4 pairs. just recently i set all to true. But still it took a trade on 27th on EURUSD.

so if its autoanalyse it shouldnt trade right? but it ddid.

Using foorex flex EA and sinryadvise Sswing VIP. you can seee from my portfolio. testing a feww others but justt started

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 30 2021 at 01:58
10 príspevkov
So if you had autoanalyse to false I think it would not trade on the 27th.

Ahh ok, are those ea's fpr free ? or how much they cost ?

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 30 2021 at 02:09
10 príspevkov
no i had to purchase them. swing vip is quite ok. about 80+usd after discount.
already paid itself...made about 10% plus on a 1k account in less than a month.

the other forex flex is a bit more expensive but honestly i like how it works, very safe yet profitable. also about 10% gain in last 3 weeks live. minimal dd. just that forex flex has many many EA sets , 1 license can only allow you to choose one set (you can choose it in the expert advisor dropdown, has like over 10 selections). i'm using the halfgrid option.

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 30 2021 at 02:35
10 príspevkov
that is nice.

Can you send me the links to your myexbook account to take a look at it ?

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 30 2021 at 07:57
10 príspevkov

you should be able to see the other EAs in the same portfolio

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 30 2021 at 17:55
10 príspevkov
Thank you for sharing.

The portfolio look promising, I hope everything goes well.

how long did you test it on demo for ?

So the 2 ea's are martingale system ?

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 30 2021 at 22:46
10 príspevkov
i wasnt able to demo them
since i bought them i ran them live with about 1k.
no they are not martingale but i believe it is some sort of grid system.

i dont have much in depth knowledge of how exactly EAs work but this is something i am trying to learn now.
there is an old EA for free which i am also testing (just started this weekend) i'm sure you heard of it...Blessing EA, i am testing this to get a better understanding of how EAs with grid generally work, so i can tweak and optimize them when needed

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 30 2021 at 22:52
10 príspevkov
That is good.

Could you please send me the ea's so I can test them as well

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 30 2021 at 22:54
10 príspevkov
just do a google search my friend 'blessing ea'
because it's got many variations for the .ex4 file and many set files you need to test them yourself
forexfactory itself has 2 forums threads with over 100 pgs. i'm still going through the pages one by one to see the development of it.

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 30 2021 at 23:23
10 príspevkov
Ok thank you friend.

Where are you from by the way ?

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 31 2021 at 02:11
10 príspevkov
Malaysia and you?

go through this https://www.forexfactory.com/thread/792598-most-famous-blessing-396-ea-and-setfiles?page=44

and this https://forex-station.com/viewtopic.php?t=8472216

its free EA and open sourced so many variations and set file

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 31 2021 at 02:13
10 príspevkov
Thank you, I will check it out.

I am from the UK

MikeW (m1k3w0n6)
Jan 31 2021 at 02:14
10 príspevkov
mate go to bed,,,its like what 3am now?

Diallo 1 (mbdiallo1111)
Jan 31 2021 at 02:15
10 príspevkov
Hahah yeah it is really late here

Mar 03 2021 at 11:17
9 príspevkov
I have been looking for a reliable EA for my trading requirements. I think I should build one for myself instead of going for the already available ones.

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