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Petra Conservative (By PetraFx )

Užívateľ odstránil tento systém.
PetraFx (PetraFx)
Feb 09 2010 at 18:30
37 príspevkov
Thank you for stopping by at PetraFX managed forex systems!

We are traders first and are fully committed to producing the best trading results on a trading account. We have begun offering managed accounts since 2008 and are currently managing 2 live portfolios. You can track and monitor our performance at .

These show data from our real accounts, so what you see is what you get.

Account 1 is currently performing with daily profits at a compounding rate of around 0.63%, and Max Draw Down (DD) around 2.0%. Profits factor =1.50

Account 2 has daily profits compounding around 1%, Max DD around 2.47%, and profits factor is 1.97. Account 2 is trading at a larger lot size per account than account 1 - This means account 2 has a higher risk profile than account 1.

Clients of PetraFX managed account program invest in their own account with FXCM UK/ATC, and our trades are mapped to your account. We charge a certain set of percent performance fees based on the “high water mark” principle.

Our Trading Style
No Grid style of trading:, Most our trades are closed within an average of 40 minutes, so there is no floating DD on four of our systems which lasts more than 1 hour. Our 5th system trades on a daily timeframe, having positions which last for several days according using our swing position trade strategy.

No Martingale money style of trading:
We are consistently growing funds around 0.65% per day for account 1, and control the total MAX DD to lie below 2.5% during the entire trading period. We strive to eliminate surprises of “sudden ups and downs” in the market.

Our systems continuously adapt to the market condition: To put it simply, we have coded, and will continue coding our trading experience into the systems. This flavour and philosophy of trading is not commercially available on other market places.

As the saying goes – think like a computer and you will soon be replaced by one. Although we have 5 systems running on the accounts, we will not fully leave things in the hands of software. Two full time traders, each with more than 10 years trading experience, babysit the systems around the clock and interfere should unforeseen situations arise. So, from time to time, we do step in and replace the computer.

The traders’ suggestions and observations form the basis on how we improve the system. Suggestions are coded and thereafter rigorously verified against past 10 years data. In doing so, our systems are adapted while evolving into better and safer handling of market conditions.

In summary, you can say that our work style collects and recycles our collective trading experience. We believe this to be a winning strategy as the net sum will become larger than that of any individual.


Skype: PetraFx ~ MSN: ~ Email:

Building People Building Trust Building Wealth

Feb 10 2010 at 13:48
4 príspevkov
Hello PetraFX

the sytem looks very interesting indeed. I will follow it and see how it performs once a longer track record is available. I looked at your website, but I do not see any performance records going back to 2008. Do you have any records from those dates?

Also your web domain has been in existence since 2006-06-25. What has your business been doing between June 2006 and 2008 when you began managing accounts?


PetraFx (PetraFx)
Feb 10 2010 at 15:25
37 príspevkov
Hi Krazykow

Thank you for your interest.

We have been managing private clients funds individually since 2008 and have only moved them to a block account at the beginning of this year. This is why we are able to gather $90k in our block within a short period without any publicity.

You are welcomed to track our performance for as long as you need. We are however now giving away 15 trade days performance tax free to our new signups, we're not sure when we will take this out though. At the rate it is going, your account could be anything 5% to 10% even before we start imposing the watermark.

I have absolutely no idea how the web domain came into existence since 2006! We have registered with our domain last year as far as I know!

PetraFx (PetraFx)
Feb 17 2010 at 18:41
37 príspevkov
please note that admin@petra is on leave till 20 Feb 2010. Will resume updating after this date.

PetraFx (PetraFx)
Mar 02 2010 at 05:11
37 príspevkov
There is a discrepancy in the reporting of DD in this stat page. We have contacted MyFxbook to help in rectifying this problem so as to show the correct figures to visitors and subscribers.

Thank you

PetraFx (PetraFx)
Mar 02 2010 at 10:07
37 príspevkov
What can we say about the response speed about MyFxbook support.
They have fixed the problem for us almost instantly and what you see now is correct.

2 thumbs up to you guys at MyFxbook!

Apr 07 2010 at 14:40
4 príspevkov
Performance has been quite flat lately. What has happened PetraFX?

PetraFx (PetraFx)
Apr 13 2010 at 07:54
37 príspevkov
Thanks for keeping track. Sorry we missed your post from 1 week ago. We had a flat month from mid Feb to early Mar. Before then we had rather high dependency on our scalping strategy. There were some rate decisions that occurred during that period which made it uneasy for us to carry out our scalping.

We had reduced our dependency on this strategy by almost 50% and increased our swing play. You can note the significant improvement since mid March.

Please also follow us on Facebook:

PetraFx (PetraFx)
Apr 24 2010 at 17:44
37 príspevkov
Weekly performance (17 to 24 Apr) for Petra Conservative portfolio.
Weekly gain = 8.28%
Overall gain = +40.22% since 15 Jan 2010

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>


Apr 24 2010 at 20:02
313 príspevkov
DO you trade like PAMM account or do u trade individually
and may i know this deposit is in cents or dollars
How did you accumilated 140008 dollars or Cents ,what is your leverage level
How are you expecting us to give our money without showing your open trades and closed trades
there are some managed account fellas around here ,they always say they have got 10 year trading experince
even without having proper experince of money management when account is in draw down they open 100 positions in 3k account and say thay are monitoring account ,no broker allows such positions especilly with leverage

Typically on 3k account waht are your starting lots ?

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