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PipEater (Od Martin Birrell )

Používateľ odstránil tento systém.

PipEater Diskusia

Sep 29 2011 at 12:28
7 príspevkov
Hi mbirrell,
Work fine ur system and very profitable !

Martin Birrell (mbirrell)
Sep 29 2011 at 12:57
22 príspevkov
Thanks Emanuele, I have been working on this for quite a while. Tonight I am going to trade EURUSD as well as AUDUSD so hopefully this will increase my rate of return. It is early days yet for me. Hopefully we will both make some big bucks!!!
Martin Birrell (mbirrell)
Sep 30 2011 at 03:16
22 príspevkov
I think that the furthest I would go is serve trade signals for free but if it went bang that would be bad luck for everyone including me.
I think there is no REAL money in selling a PROFITABLE EA - if it really is profitable you don't need to sell it do you? Who would want the stress? Not me. Anyway just thoughts
Oct 04 2011 at 13:29
92 príspevkov
Nice to see real money being traded here.
Will keep an eye pinned your progress and see how it does in the longer run.
Should you be able to maintain 10% or more gains per month you should have a very viaable program here.
Selling signals is a rough raod especially when dealing with with Internet connection and latency. Utilizing MSQL database is also a stressful road to say the least.
Should you every wish to venture down that road, a signal service please do not hesitate to contact me as I have the servers presently to manage 1,000 plus clients with my current siganal service software and might enjoy doing something together. You can PM me anytime if you need some advice and for sure something free goes a long way.
I have not been on the forum here for a few months as I have been battling Cancer and have finally regained some of my lost strenght and concentration and have finally found the energy to get back in the seat here once again.
Your 300 pip SL is bit concering though and would be better if tightened up some.
Good luck and continued success.

Those that say it can not be done should leave those that are doing it alone.
Martin Birrell (mbirrell)
Oct 04 2011 at 23:12
22 príspevkov
HI Pheniox,

I am an IT Consultant and am very well versed with that side of things. I probably would not use a Microsoft SQL database to maintain anything as that costs money - I prefer to use mysql instead as I am not running an enterprise (not too shaw what you would need on for). I have a VPS which my script runs on that is in a corporate data centre right close to my service provider so I believe latency would not be a problem either. If you need any help or advice with servers please let me know as I can probably help you out with advise.

Be well an best regards,

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