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PROFITALTO MONY - Pamm Managed Account (Od forex_trader_[1197817] )

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PROFITALTO MONY - Pamm Managed Account Diskusia

Mar 18 2020 at 10:09
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support for clients is on telegram: https://t.me/Profitalto

The general rules we are going for, make this system different from all other offers on the market:
This is not a one man show, but a work of a team, each one dedicated to his own tasks.
Trader is not shown to public and will not be part of this group to protect him from client's pressure and subconscious trading ideas that affect his performance (like it happened with Frero, Blackwave,etc..).
 He will only be focused on trading and managing the system that has been created, assuring consistent results.
I'll be in contact with him, giving support to all subscribers and curious about, filtering the questions and providing the replies needed here.
A third member will manage the funds and the different deposits/withdrawals, plus the relationship with the broker, assuring that numbers are always right for current open positions and that the PAMM flows effortlessly.
You'll get the benefits of both worlds, the one were the trader is really focuses on trading only with the ones where a great customers support is given to the subscribers, without any drawbacks.

The system is based on a technical strategy while manually checking everyday the fundamentals: buying at lows and vice versa, but this time on a shorter timeframe, so don't expect trades to last for many days or weeks. If you're going to follow the signal a broker with tiny spreads is recommended, although this is not a scalping strategy.
it will use light grid and some lot increase in lower positions but not in a martingale style, the objective is to always protect the capital while achieving consistent results.

We expect 8/12% growth a month and DD max at 45% very occasionally. We also have a hard SL at 60% that if for any reason (crazy market) will be reached, will close all positions instantly no matter what.
The info we will share are for the PAMM account, as we don't want any discrepancy and what you see in myfxbook is what you'll get in the PAMM (which is by far the best way to follow such system).

To follow the signal go to signal start (in promo until may2020, then at 300$/month as this option is only for big investors):


Otherwise best option is to join the PAMM at Key to Markets.
This is the choice of preference if you want to invest smaller amounts or simply, you don't want to waste time and profits while doing a proper setup but rather prefer to just obtain the profits (and losses) in % exactly like the master account with the option to check every hour and deposit and withdraw whenever you want.
Deposits and withdrawals will be performed with all positions closed to avoid change of exposure and not proper ratio between balance/lot size.

To join Key to Markets PAMM first open an account here:


and then once the account is open you can join the PAMM with as little as 100$ at this link:

Feb 17 2021 at 15:15
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Feb 26 2021 at 10:21
35 príspevkov
I think everyone should test these accounts on the basis of their own trading needs and understanding.
Mar 22 2021 at 06:01
15 príspevkov
You can improve your system and decrease the possibility of losses by using proper risk management.
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