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XAUUSD,H1 Chart Discussion

Titansmil Aug 06 at 14:18
Can you tell me about the Sphinx EG, looks like it was successful and then had a very large bad spell...
estyle999 Aug 06 at 14:22
This is a fake robot made for demo accounts only. It does not work with real money.
Titansmil Aug 06 at 14:23
ok good to know, Thank You
forex_trader_[2520195] Aug 05 at 23:31
so is it a buy or sell
estyle999 Aug 06 at 07:07
up to 1790 in the priority of sale. I trade intraday from the borders of boxes or daily levels and on the day I can both sell and buy.
KursatKara Aug 14 at 21:00
Hey you wanna learn valueable stuff about forex? , contact me for personal contact.
estyle999 Jul 27 at 16:15
ТС «Boxes & Levels» -Риск-менеджмент и мани-менеджмент
estyle999 Jul 03 at 21:58
Торговые стратегии
richard13 Jul 04 at 13:51
Супер стратегия всем рекомендую
Hendrixx Jul 13 at 14:53
@estyle999 such an informative piece!!. i always look forward to reading your fxhub blog content
estyle999 Jul 13 at 15:11
Thanks! I will try to write 2 more articles by the end of the week.
YogeshP17 Jun 30 at 15:23
Gold buy...?
estyle999 Jun 30 at 15:44
shorts below 1764.31
thinkingbig Jun 30 at 11:40
gold looks like a buy. retesting W support. 4hr bullish divergence. breaks1750 sell break 1766 buy. possible!!!!!!!!!
estyle999 Jun 30 at 12:23
shorts below 1764.31
richard13 Jun 30 at 12:40
Titansmil Jun 22 at 14:53
How do you feel about Gold at the moment?
estyle999 Jun 23 at 06:47
You can write comments under each article, what exactly is not clear to you and I will answer. For the future, I will try to duplicate pictures into English
Titansmil Jun 23 at 11:17
ok Great, Thank You!
estyle999 Jun 16 at 10:57
Сценарий на 16.06.2021
Titansmil Jun 15 at 12:34
how are we looking on GOLD? are you able to explain what your looking for for an entry?
Titansmil Jun 15 at 13:08
what would be your target for Take profit
estyle999 Jun 15 at 13:35
Titansmil Jun 03 at 21:10
Ok great, just trying to see if I am looking at things and starting to understand... thank you for teaching me