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Clear Stone Cap


Meno Clear Stone Cap

Rational approach rooted in mathematics.

Trading is all about choosing the right direction to trade. Our algorithm is constantly calculating the statistical significance of following the daily trend & uses these statistics to trade the direction with the best odds.

By following the trend, that we defined through mathematical calculation, the odds that we are trading the right direction increases greatly and allows us to implement a form of averaging into the market to position our full trade. This allows us to profit from ranging markets as well as trending markets.

We view trading kind of like playing chess. Any move the market makes, we have a plan to answer the move. At each step of managing our trades, every possibility has been put into the calculations and the best decision has been carefully chosen to preserve capital & increase profits. This allows us to not end up in a position without a clear protocol of action.

Obchodný štýl:
Hedging, Scalping, Investing & Algorithmic Trading

We believe high performance is achieved by taking a long-term outlook.

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Zaregistrovaný Jan 06 2015 at 18:37

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Systémy od JoePro

Meno Zisk Čerpanie Pipy Obchodovanie Páka Typ
Real Pepperstone Account (Switched to GBE Brokers) 75.67% 30.00% -2963.7 Automaticky 1:200 Reálny
CSC Hedge Strategy Public MAM Account 8.98% 6.44% 260.3 Automaticky 1:200 Reálny
CSC GBE Account 21.22% 34.49% 4516.7 Automaticky 1:200 Reálny
CSC Hedge Strategy (Real) 5.81% 4.87% -144.7 Automaticky - Reálny
GoldPro Hedge Test Run 6.65% 15.20% 22680.0 Automaticky 1:200 Demo
watchme Oct 12 2016 at 13:22
Vouched for you Mr. Joe ;)
Clear Stone Cap
JoePro Oct 13 2016 at 11:32
wow thank you very much. Very appreciated.
fx4btc Sep 25 2016 at 08:51
what account is on simpletrader
Clear Stone Cap
JoePro Sep 29 2016 at 06:41
JoePro + Ai Expert Real
Clear Stone Cap
JoePro Sep 29 2016 at 06:42
That account is just the continuation from the real account with 75% gain. I dropped Pepperstone and switched to GBE Brokers.
watchme Sep 05 2016 at 05:19
nice thanks Joe pro
moneyrunner Jul 27 2017 at 14:09
Hi Joe any chance of a swissie MAM?
Clear Stone Cap
JoePro Jul 28 2017 at 05:39
Hi money runner, we should be starting the Mt.Cook MAM next week and you should be able to deposit with your currency of choice without having to pay conversion fees. I will post more info in the forum and youtube when it's ready next week.