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Traded a live account a number of years ago. During this time I lost about 25% of my initial capital and decided that it was unacceptable to continue on the same path.

Recently found No Nonsense Forex and thought this is a good time to demo only to see if I can turn around a reasonable profit level.

Note the first handful of Trades taken were done through the steep learning curve of understanding how the MetaTrader 4 and Oanda platforms work. Added to this was a lack of knowledge about how to get charts of any type and indicators or other required materials into the MetTrader 4 Platform This initial learning curve has come to an end and all subsequent trades from 20th May 2019 will be taken using the new information.

Moving forwards, Yes I will make mistakes and fall over....As Batmans Father said to him in Batman begins Bruce why do we fall over? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Will I eventually come out the other side. Absolutely.

My quote: Don't put limits on your imagination, there is no telling......

Fill in the blanks for your own story. Have fun and enjoy no matter what. :D

Obchodný štýl:
Technical - trading algorithm put together using several indicators.

Most of the time I will not be able to take trades either just before close of the daily candles or within 2-4 hours of close. Therefore, I have reconciled taking trades between 8am and 12 noon UK time as being a potentially useful alternative.

This account has been set up as a way to record each trade taken. Notes will be found for each trade including breakdown on any broken rules, psychology (where my head was at time of trade) and mistakes.

Mistakes will be logged as well to include such things as taking trades off inappropriately, miss reading my algorithm and mistaken trades taken via the Oanda platform where I clicked the wrong trade button.

What you will not find:

Risk rules broken until a great deal more experience has been gathered. Risk will at all times only be 2% of current funds for each trade in my account.

Don't put limits on your imagination, there is no telling.............

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