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Candor Capital Advisors


Meno Candor Capital Advisors

Candor Capital Advisors, LLC (“Candor”) serves the needs of investors seeking asset advisory and management services in the Off Exchange Retail Foreign Exchange markets (“Forex or FX”). This market is also known and/or referred to as the Over The Counter (“OTC”) Spot OR Cash Forex market.

Candor manages trading accounts in the FOREX market on behalf of their clients, employing a confidential and proprietary collection of strategies. The exact descriptions of the respective trading programs are described further in their disclosure document found at http://www.candorfx.com/investorkit.

Obchodný štýl:
The CandorFX Series 1.1 program uses several exclusive proprietary trading systems that were developed in-house by our development team. The aim of the CandorFX Series 1.1 program is to provide an investment alternative in the spot foreign exchange markets with minimal correlation to traditional investments [stocks/bonds].

All of our trading systems are guided primarily by technical analysis. Combined, they were programmed to monitor the activity of well over 30 global currency pairs. Of those pairs observed, we actively trade in an average of 1 to 5 currency pairs each day [see page 8 for all pairs traded]. Our two most actively traded pairs are the EUR/USD, followed by the GBP/USD. Our average trade length is just short of 3 hours and we aim not to have open trades into a weekend, to help ensure and avoid volatility spikes/gaps at the market’s open on Sundays.

All trading signals stem from our privately-operated technical algorithms programmed in the Meta Quotes programming language (MQL) and are traded over the MetaTrader 4 platform. MetaTrader 4 is a trading platform available to investors/traders at various counterparty brokers, and is simply a front end interface that allows us to use our systems across various different brokers and banks globally that provide access to their liquidity and clearing through the same MetaTrader 4 front-end platform interface.

Our systems main objective is to observe the market’s price action and predict recognized chart patterns. Several short term trend, counter-trend and scalping systems that we employ use a mix of standard technical indicators, including moving averages, relative strength index and other exclusive proprietary indicators [developed internally] to help define present market conditions and generate trade signals, in pursuit of delightful risk-adjusted returns.

The key to successful use of these various trading systems rests in the manner they are interconnected and utilized in their blend. All open trades under the trading program are constantly monitored by our development team. Candor also monitors liquidity, price availability and execution to ensure that they are competitive and in line with the market. These are important variables to keep in consideration, given that the market is Over The Counter (cash market) and we’re not trading over a central exchange where all brokers provide the exact same price.

Vital to the Candor trading style, are low correlation between the different strategies employed and use of high liquidity currencies for efficient order execution. The actual number of strategies being used may vary and may change materially over time as determined by Candor in their sole discretion.

Our program will focus mainly on trading these currency pairs:


Expand Your Portfolio. Spread Your Risk.

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