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David A Sievers


Meno David A Sievers

Retired IT Professional now self-employed, earning passive income from Forex trading and Inspiration Marketing.

Spent the last 25 years of my career as an IT professional working as a Managing Director of IT for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Developed my own forex project over 2020 with an intention of implementing a way to harness the power of compounding. As Albert Einstein expressed, "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who does not understand it, pays it."

When I fully appreciated this statement, I realized that most people, including me, are PAYING compound interest and hardly anyone except the banks, credit card institutions and lenders were EARNING it.

Therefore I set out on a mission to address the problem of economic salvation and sought to use my skills to develop a way turn this around. To create a way for people to EARN compound interest. This has resulted in the creation of a forex trading strategy I have now branded as DreamLegacyFx.

Yes, through all of 2020, I have invested a ton of time and money in learning forex. My journey has been an education through the school of hard knocks. Trading with software, getting it to work, then losing the money I invested and earned, yet never giving up. Taking each experience as a lesson, then applying my technology problem solving skills to adapt my process to mitigate the risk of loss. To make adjustments designed to "make sure that never happens again...". That is how we manage enterprise systems.

All software has embedded risk in the form of "bugs". Paths through the logic that are flawed. Features that either do not handle certain situations or features that are missing which leave the user vulnerable. Eventually, situations occur which test the robustness of the code. When weakness is uncovered, we enhance the code, we change our process, adapt our behavior, put controls in place to detect the risks and give us early warning to take steps to prevent or limit the impact to the business.

I've come to appreciate that people who do not a background in building enterprise systems often look at these moments as failure. However, the success scientist learns from these experiences and takes it simply as feedback. A need to make enhancement. An opportunity to make the system even better.

I am deeply grateful for the experiences of 2020. Through them I have learned so much about the power of compounding. Through them I have had the privilege of working with the people at ElevatedFx to improve AlphaPro. To enhance the software and evolve it into an Expert Advisor which produces results with sophistication and elegance.

DreamLegacyFx is an enterprise trading platform that is powered by AlphaPro. It is a system that is providing a way for virtually anyone to earn money using the power of compounding. To do it with a high degree of confidence because of the features that are now built into AlphaPro.

I have not made the new account public yet because I am in the process of dialing in the settings.

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Automated trading with Alpha Pro.

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