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Meno Ryan

For 2017, my New Year resolution is to only follow my plan and not take any trades that are not part of my plan!

Becoming a full time money manger and trader has been a goal since the 3rd grade. Today, there is a clear path and plan in place for my trading. With the resources available today for constant training, and the support of my family, I am on track to be able to leave my full time job by the end of 2018.

Obchodný štýl:
Day trading manually using simple strategies is the best way to go for my style. I trade at the open of the USA session and also the Asian session to set up trades for overnight thru the London session.
Also, I am constantly testing different automated strategies and improving my trading plan by using small "test" accounts for the "robots".

Choose a good reputation over great riches (PROVERBS 22:1)

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Zaregistrovaný Sep 23 2016 at 23:29

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Meno Zisk Čerpanie Pipy Obchodovanie Páka Typ
Manual demo 37.62% 14.02% 245.1 Ručne 1:200 Demo
Funnel Trader IC 463.61% 86.76% 9100.7 Automaticky 1:200 Reálny
Inertia Trader IC 9.70% 51.29% 313.7 Automaticky 1:500 Reálny
NJ4X Portfolio Testing -15.43% 67.01% -890.1 Automaticky 1:500 Reálny
Funnel Trader Turnkey -90.03% 58.24% -10363.6 Automaticky 1:200 Reálny
Manual trading 0.40% 0.05% 45.2 Ručne 1:200 Reálny


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EURGBP +132.33% 15.74 6436.5 EURGBP performance
EURJPY +15.88% 1.56 5487.4 EURJPY performance