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Hello, Sublime Markets is led by a team of experts in the industry of Forex and CFD trading. Being in the industry for many years allowed us to experience first hand that 80-90%of retail traders lose money, mainly because they don’t have the knowledge, the time to acquire the knowledge, or the proper mindset to apply the knowledge to their advantage. We manage accounts and apply our long term strategy to deliver sustainable results.

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We apply asset allocation methods on leveraged forex accounts. Its a long term balanced strategy that exponentially grows our accounts equity.

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kmiaris Sep 25 2018 at 08:05
To be honest, I'm losing and it seems that I don't have the time to learn how to trade better. I'm looking for a solid strategy like yours to copy
Sublime Markets
sublimemarkets Sep 25 2018 at 07:32
Hi Kmiaris, How are you? how is your trading going?
kmiaris Sep 24 2018 at 12:35